Comparative Politics, Administration and Society

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!This programme is a specialization of multiple master's degrees. Depending on your background and interests, you will select your major. Depending on that choice you will earn one of these diploma's :
  • Bestuurskunde
  • Political Science
  • This programme offers a unique combination of the theoretical foundations of Comparative Politics and the practical side of Public Administration. It focuses on the politics of public policymaking.

    Immigration, environmental degradation, population ageing and global poverty are just a few of the political challenges that contemporary policymakers face. In an increasingly globalised world, it is more important than ever that governments respond quickly and effectively to these challenges. National governments, however, increasingly share responsibility for designing and implementing effective policy with several layers of government (local, regional, national, international) and different types of actors (governments, non-profit organisations, businesses).

    This specialisation provides the skills needed for a career in government or other policymaking organisations (NGOs, international organisations, advocacy groups). Courses focus on the barriers to and facilitators of reform, Europeanisation, welfare state reform, and the problems governments face in the 21st century. You will learn to design effective policies in different political systems.

    Comparative Politics, Administration and Society is a Master's specialisation of our programme in Public Administration and in Political Science. The degree awarded is either a MSc in Public Administration or in Political Science.
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    diplomaMSc Bestuurskunde
    typeregulier, 60 EC
    start1 september
    taalvolledig English
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    Waarom aan de Radboud Universiteit?

    awardElsevier beste opleiding
    2016 : score 70, 1e plaatsawardElsevier beste opleiding
    • Teaching takes place in a stimulating, collegial setting, with small groups, giving ample opportunity for debate
    • The staff has a wide range of expertise, integrating their latest research into their seminars
    • Staff members are actively involved in advising government, societal and political organisations
    • Our programme is consistently ranked number one by the most influential Dutch higher education rating organisations (Keuzegids, Elsevier).

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    opbouwIn this specialisation, you can opt for a Master's in Public Administration or a Master's in Political Science. The difference lies in one core course, an elective/internship, and the focus of your thesis. Public Administration students take 3 Public Administration courses and 2 Political Sciences courses. Political Science students take 3 Political Sciences courses and 2 Public Administration courses.
    Comparative Politics, Administration and Society is a specialisation of the Master's programmes in Public Administration and Political Science, with a total course load of 60 EC. All courses are 6 EC and the Master's thesis is 18 EC. Internships are not a standard part of the curriculum, but we heartily support any student who wishes to do the extra work and undergo an internship.
    Challenges to 21st Century Representative Democracy
    6 EC
    Contested (non)democracies; fragmentation, conflict and consensus in contemporary politics keuzevak
    6 EC
    Transitions in Governance keuzevak
    6 EC
    Public Sector Reform keuzevak
    6 EC
    Advanced Research Methods
    6 EC
    Europeanisation of Government and Policy
    6 EC
    Elective course/Internship
    6 EC
    The Politics of Reform
    6 EC
    Master's Thesis afstuderen
    18 EC


    taal van onderwijs100% en
    onderwijsopzet50% zelfstudie
    40% theorie
    10% praktijk
    case study, computer exercise, group discussion, group assignment, lecture, individual assignment, integration module, literature study, oral presentation, research, research project, research proposal, design project, project, internship, tutorial, working group, workshop, self evaluation, self study
    honours-/excellence program Radboud Honours Academy

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    1 september 2017
    aanmelding deadline : 1 september 2017
    wettelijk tarief : € 2006
    instellingstarief : € 9432
    niet-EU/EER studenten : € 9432
    1 september 2018
    aanmelding deadline : 1 september 2018
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    Stèphan Meijer
    afgestudeerd in 2014 werkzaam als Policy advisor bij municipality of Enschede
    'Dare to meet the challenge!'

    This programme is the perfect choice if you would like to do something different and if you want to break free from the average ordinary study! I had been abroad to Nepal during my Bachelor's study and that's why I wanted to do a Master's programme which was broader and did not only include domestic issues. In addition, studying together with international students made the programme appeal to me even more and this is what convinced me in the end to start this programme.


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    Comparative Politics, Administration and Society
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    3/7 Radboud Universiteit
    Besturen van veiligheid
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    Publiek Management
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    6/7 Tilburg University
    Public Governance
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    100% Engelstalig
    7/7 Amsterdam VU
    Bestuurskunde: Besturen van zorgvernieuwing
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    100% Nederlandstalig
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    In 2015 hebben meer dan 200.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

    Comparative Politics, Administration and Society aan de Radboud Universiteit is beoordeeld door 53 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.1 uit 5.

    Na de studie

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    COMPASS provides you with the tools needed for working in an ever changing environment, and gives you an edge in an increasingly competitive job market. By choosing topics in their course works, students have the opportunity to specialise within the programme, which strengthens their distinctiveness. You will leave the programme with a firm knowledge of complex issues and current changes in governance and international politics, and the skills to provide clever solutions.

    Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

    The programme prepares you for senior positions in different organisations, for example the UN, the OECD and the EU; public employers, such as local, regional and central government departments; think tanks, advisory bodies and consultancy firms.
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    • ambtelijk secretaris or
    • bestuurder
    • docent juridische dienstverlening
    • gemeentesecretaris
    • hoogleraar rechtswetenschappen
    • inspecteur overheidsinstelling
    • manager algemene bestuursdienst
    • raadadviseur
    • secretaris overheidsdiensten
    • sectordirecteur gemeente
    • universitair (hoofd)docent rechtswetenschappen
    • voorzitter adviesorgaan (overheid)
    • wetenschappelijk onderzoeker rechtswetenschappen
    • wijkmanager
    bron: UWV


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