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This 12 month Master of Science in Urban Management and Development is meant for city-changers. Professionals with thorough understanding of urban theory and practice who can make cities work.

IHS is the home of all things urban. We love cities and work passionately for their development. Moreover, we are happy to welcome talented and driven individuals, who want to extend their expertise in the sphere of urban management and development. This Urban Management and Development programme is offered by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
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diplomaMSc Urban Management and Development (M.Sc.)
typeregulier, post-initieel, 71 EC
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur12 maanden voltijd
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geen honoursprogramma

Waarom aan de Erasmus?

  • Truly international environment.
  • Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Six specialisations.
  • Joint courses with partners from the public and private sector.
  • Challenging combination of academic research, practical workshops and case studies and educational training.
  • Access to an expansive network of graduates of IHS.
  • A solid base for a wide range of career opportunities.
  • Inspiring campus and study facilities in the heart of Europe.
  • MSc degree from a highly ranked university.

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Master Open Dag Rotterdam
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Master Open Dag Rotterdam
Kies een masteropleiding aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en maak je ambities waar.


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specialisatie Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure (MFUI)

The specialization provides hands-on knowledge and expertise on how local governments provide, manage, finance and operate municipal infrastructure to deliver desired levels of service.

The MFUI specialization addresses the use of renewable energy, green infrastructure and smart growth concepts for planning, managing and financing infrastructure that fits the challenges and requirements of sustainable and green cities. It provides hands-on knowledge and expertise on how local governments can most efficiently provide, manage, finance and operate urban infrastructure projects, covering the aspects drinking water, wastewater, drainage, solid waste, transport and electricity as well as renewable energy infrastructure.

A special feature of the specialization is the workshop on the Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project, where participants analyse the cause and impacts of the demolition of a 5.8 Km highway, the restoration of an ancient river and the construction of a green linear recreational corridor in downtown Seoul, capital of South Korea.

By the end of the specialization, participants will understand the linkages between urban infrastructure and land, economic development, investment, poverty alleviation and local environmental, social and health conditions.

specialisatie Urban Housing and Livelihoods (UHL)

This research workshop zooms in on the interventions in human settlements, such as upgrading, resettlement, public housing programmes, as well as their impact on livelihoods.

Housing, understood as 'more than houses', represents a more complex asset or capital to the poor because of its different attributes and the meaning it has to people.

In this conceptual framework, this specialization enables participants to link housing issues with the livelihoods strategies of the urban poor. It analyzes livelihood assets in view of their vulnerability and institutional context. The specialization reviews the current trends and paradigms in housing and social policies.

It includes in-depth understanding of housing policies targeting the urban poor such as informal settlement upgrading, public housing delivery, as well as analyzing various approaches to implement these policies based on participation and empowerment in relation to the livelihood assets and strategies of the urban poor.

specialisatie Urban Environment and Climate Change (UECC)

The focus is on analyzing and assessing different environmental and climate change policy instruments, actions and projects so as to provide support to urban environmental & climate change governance.

Cities worldwide experience severe environmental and climate change problems. Poor urban infrastructure and services negatively affect the attractiveness and productivity of cities as well as the citizens' health and quality of life. Sustaining the urban environment and designing the pathway to a low carbon and climate resilient growth has become a key goal and principle for policy action at global and local levels.

This specialization provides insights into the policy framework, the policy instruments and assessment methods and tools used for urban environmental management. It accommodates economic theories and concepts that influence environmental and climate change policy and decision-making. The course aims to offer a deep multifaceted understanding of how cities can be managed in a more sustainable manner towards a low carbon and climate resilient development path.

specialisatie Urban Strategies and Planning (USP)

USP reviews concepts & tools related to designing, presenting and implementing strategies that integrate social, environmental, economic, spatial, financial & institutional components of urban plans.

Urban Planning has moved away from comprehensive master plans that intended to control the spatial development of an entire territory, to more flexible strategic plans. At the same time, urban professionals face challenges such as the fast growing urban world population and cities with informal housing, social deprivation, economic decline and changing climatic circumstances. Contemporary strategic planning integrates more social and economic considerations into the physical and spatial dimensions of planning.

The specialization makes strong use of a case-based approach to ensure maximum learning from both theory and practice. The practical assignment focuses on the application of tools and conceptual knowledge, and allows a real-life experience of the complexity of urban issues by talking to stakeholders, visiting sites and observing the issues on the ground. The outcomes of the practical assignment will be presented to the stakeholders in Rotterdam.

specialisatie Urban Land Development (ULD)

Since cities will continue to expand and densify for the following decades, increment in value will occur in almost every city in the world, therefore understanding LVC is central to managing cities.

The ULD specialization, delivered in collaboration with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policies (USA), is focused on land development issues in urban areas. It enables participants to understand and analyze land instruments that can shape cities and the socio-economic conditions of the inhabitants of a city through its economic, legal, financial and social dimensions. It exposes participants to the implications land instruments have on urban land markets, real estate markets, infrastructure development and finance, housing affordability and accessibility, green spaces and the provision of vital social amenities in cities.

Workshops are a central component of the specialization. The EQUIURBE game is a pedagogical game where participants have to devise a strategy combining various instruments to bring together cooperative and non-cooperative landowners in an area subject to urban sprawl. Participants will also participate in the West Plaza game where teams of government with different levels of information negotiate with real estate developers.

specialisatie Urban Competitiveness and Resilience (UCR)

UCR is aimed at understanding the relationship between global and local economic development.

The UCR specialization shows that urban planning and management depends on an integrated knowledge of a city's local qualities (supply) and its position within regional and global systems (demand).

Based on large databases developed by the IHS UCR team and by applying GIS, UCINET, SPSS and STATA, the relationship between a city's local development and its relative global significance is explored. This leads to highly specific knowledge about a city's position, its global competitors and collaborators, how to improve a city's attractiveness, and especially how this knowledge can contribute to urban planning and urban design processes. A good understanding of competition within the global investment network will clear the path to smarter, more goal-directed and effective urban planning, urban design and policy-making.

Through this course participants will better understand the interdependency of globalization and urbanization processes, and how this relates to theories on urban competitiveness and urban resilience.


taal van onderwijs100% en
By the end of the programme participants will be able to operate as competent urban managers, capable of working in a complex multidisciplinary and multi-actor environment.
The cities of today are complex with interrelated economic, social, environmental and physical challenges which need to be balanced in the ever-changing urban environment. Contemporary cities need competent urban managers with skills in action and strategic planning, policy analysis, research methods and negotiation and communication to be able to integrate their knowledge within and manage the complex urban multidisciplinary environment.

Toelating en studiekosten

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2 oktober 2017
aanmelding deadline : 15 juni 2017
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To show evidence of a sufficient command of English. If English is not your mother tongue or you did not complete a university degree in the English medium, an English language test is required.

To have at least a bachelor's degree from a recognised university in a field related to the chosen course.

Working experience in relevant field is considered an important asset during the selection procedure.

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bron: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
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€ 400levensonderhoud
€ 900inschrijvingsgeldper jaar
€ 311visa/permitper jaar
€ 550
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Marina Salimgareeva
Student testimonial

'The academic environment at IHS surprised me with a highly interactive approach, a wide range of urban thematic choices and a very supportive atmosphere.'


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1/6 Erasmus
Urban Management and Development (UMD)(IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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? uur contacttijd/week
2/6 Erasmus
Sustainable Local Economic Development (LED) – Supporting Firms and Farms (IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
3/6 Erasmus
Developing Social Housing Projects (DSHP) – Property Management with a Social Mandate (IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
4/6 Erasmus
Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularisation (LMISR)(IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
5/6 Erasmus
Green Cities for Eco-efficiency (ECO)(IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
6/6 Erasmus
Urban Management and Development Theories (UMDT)(IHS)
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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? uur contacttijd/week
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Na de studie

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IHS graduates work in the fields of urban academia, international consultancy, local and national governments and non-governmental organisations as lecturers, urban planners, sustainable urban development and design specialists, project managers, architects, government officials, urban policy analysis and development experts, capacity building trainers, land use advisors, renowned NGO heads and specialists and many others.
In the almost 60 years of experience in teaching and applying urban management and development knowledge and practices, IHS has developed an extensive network of urban professionals. Programme participants benefit from the immense IHS network including an alumni association with over 8000 members actively engaged in the field. IHS is engaged in over 100 urban programmes and projects at any point in time offering students a direct contact with donor agencies and training centres worldwide. Our lecturers have long-standing international experience and continue to work all over the world thus creating a possibility to discuss and initiate links to programmes and projects in countries and cities of the participants.

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  • senior verkeersplanoloog
  • wetenschappelijk onderzoeker planologie
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