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Maastricht UniversityAdvanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
The master's programmes are designed to train graduates to work as legal practitioners or management in knowledge-intensive industries and research institutes.
tULArtificial Intelligence  Maastricht
tULBiomedical Sciences  Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityCognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (research) voltijd Maastricht
The two-year Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience focuses on cognition, brain, and behaviour and is designed for excellent students who wish to pursue a career in research.
Maastricht UniversityCultures of Arts, Science and Technology (research) voltijd Maastricht
This Research Master trains academics in the interrelated domains of modern culture, science, technology, & the arts. This is a two-year, full time, English-language programme.
Maastricht UniversityData Science for Decision Making voltijd Maastricht
Students use tools & models from applied mathematics to examine decision making & the concept of optimisation. English-language, 2-year programme focuses on mathematical and computing skills.
tULData Science for Decision Making  Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityEconometrics and Operations Research voltijd Maastricht
English-language programme where statistics, mathematics & computer science are used to gain a deeper understanding of business & economic problems. There are four specialisations available.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics voltijd Maastricht
English-language programme trains students to become economists who work on the international level for companies, the government & non-profit organisations. Five specialisations are available.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics and Strategy in Emerging Markets voltijd Maastricht
The master's programme in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets combines aspects of economic analysis and business economics to address issues related to emerging markets.
Maastricht UniversityEpidemiology voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Law School voltijd Maastricht
An in-depth, English-language study of European & comparative law. You are trained as a legal generalist equipped with legal & linguistic skills essential for work in comparative & international law.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Affairs voltijd Maastricht
The master's programme in European Public Affairs (EPA) provides advanced professional training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of European policy-making.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies voltijd Maastricht
How can we understand the EU’s response to the financial crisis or to the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia?
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies (research) voltijd Maastricht
The two-year research master in European Studies (RMES) is an interdisciplinary programme that combines political science and international relations with history and sociology.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies on Society, Science and Technology voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityFinancial Economics voltijd Maastricht
English-language programme combining financial, economic and quantitative expertise to prepare students for careers in investment, finance or management. Three specialisations are available.
Maastricht UniversityFiscaal Recht voltijd Maastricht
Belastingen spelen een belangrijke rol: zowel voor grote internationale bedrijven als voor de individuele werknemer. Deze masteropleiding biedt een verdieping van het bachelorprogramma Fiscaal Recht.
Maastricht UniversityFiscale Economie voltijd Maastricht
Programme focuses on the legal & economic aspects of taxation.
Maastricht UniversityForensic Psychology voltijd Maastricht
The two-year Master in Forensic Psychology is aimed at developing the skills and knowledge you need to become a scientist-practitioner in the forensic mental health field.
Maastricht UniversityForensica, Criminologie en Rechtspleging voltijd Maastricht
De multidisciplinair opgezette opleiding geeft je een breder beeld van de strafrechtspleging. Je bestudeert onderwerpen uit de verschillende forensische disciplines: psychologie, psychopathologie, acc
MSMFull-time MBA voltijd Maastricht
The full-time residential MBA provides state-of-the-art management education to managers and mid-career professionals from all over the world.
Maastricht UniversityGeneeskunde voltijd Maastricht
Nederlandstalige opleiding die focust op gezondheidszorg en onderzoek. Afgetudeerden zijn gekwalificeerde basisartsen. Het is een drie-jarige opleiding (twee jaren met klinische co-schappen en een der
Maastricht UniversityGlobal Health voltijd Maastricht
This programme emphasises the international dimensions of health and disease. It captures the need to work together to tackle health inequalities to improve health around the world.
Maastricht UniversityGlobalisation and Development Studies voltijd Maastricht
The Master of Arts in Globalisation and Development Studies (GDS) prepares students for academic and professional careers in the field of globalisation and development.
Maastricht UniversityGlobalisation and Law voltijd Maastricht
Examines the effects of globalisation on law and the globalisation of international law. This English-language programme has three specialisations.
Maastricht UniversityGovernance and Leadership in European Public Health voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHealth and Digital Transformation voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHealth Education and Promotion voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
This programme revolves around developing, evaluating and promoting health interventions at the individual, community and policy levels.
Maastricht UniversityHealthcare Policy, Innovation and Management voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
This programmes aims to educate healtcare professionals who can initiate, develop and manage healthcare innovations.How can we implement homecare technologies effectively and efficiently?
Maastricht UniversityHuman Decision Science voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHuman Movement Sciences voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
This programme covers all aspects of the relationship between physical activity, health and performance.
Maastricht UniversityInternational and European Tax Law voltijd Maastricht
International and European Tax Law focuses on corporate taxation and international tax planning. Its multidisciplinary approach combines tax law, European law, business and politics.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Business voltijd Maastricht
Students develop the knowledge and skills to work in an international business environment. The English-language programme offers eleven distinct specialisations.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Executive Master of Finance and Control deeltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityInternational Laws voltijd Maastricht
Examines the effects of globalisation & European integration on international, European & national law. English-language, 2-year programme includes intensive language training & one year study abroad.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Master in Affective Neuroscience deeltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityKunst, cultuur en erfgoed / Arts and Heritage (label: Kunst- & Cultuurwetenschappen) voltijd Maastricht
De hoofdbegrippen Kunst, Cultuur en Cultureel erfgoed worden bestudeerd als uitdrukkingen uit het verleden en heden. De Master omvat hedendaagse en historische kunst- en cultuuruitingen.
Maastricht UniversityKunst, literatuur en samenleving/Art Literature and Society (label: Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen) voltijd Maastricht
De Master Kunst, Literatuur en Samenleving behandelt hedendaagse debatten over literatuur, kunst, religie, filosofie en cultuur. Deze eenjarige masteropleiding wordt ook in het Engels aangeboden.
Maastricht UniversityLearning and Development in Organisations voltijd Maastricht
Trains students to manage learning, personal development & knowledge creation within businesses. English-language programme links to HR departments of real-world companies.
MSMMaster in Management voltijd Maastricht
A one-year full-time program for professionals who want to fulfill their potential to contribute on the very top to the management of their organizations, whether in the private or public sector.
Maastricht UniversityMaster of Health Professions Education deeltijd Maastricht
A part-time, English-language programme where health professionals acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their careers.
MSMMaster of Science in Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering voltijd Maastricht
As graduates with the expertise to understand both the art of management & complex engineering processes are highly sought after in today's industrial world, this master course caters to that demand.
MSMMaster of Science in Management and Engineering in Electrical Power Systems voltijd Maastricht
The MSc in Management & Engineering in Electrical Power Systems is a 2 year fulltime program targeting professionals who have the ambition to assume leadership positions in electrical power industry.
MSMMaster of Science in Management and Engineering in Production Systems voltijd Maastricht
Do you aim for a successful management career in production engineering?
MSMMaster of Science in Management and Engineering in Water voltijd Maastricht
Do you want to become an expert in managing water resources?
Maastricht UniversityMedia Studies: Digital Cultures voltijd Maastricht
This English-taught master's programme examines the media's influence on modern society.You focus on analysing recent developments in new media culture & performing research in the field of new media.
Maastricht UniversityMental Health voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
In de master Mental Health combineer je de theorie van psychische stoornissen met praktische training. Je kiest uit twee specialisaties:
Maastricht UniversityNederlands Recht voltijd Maastricht
De master Nederlands Recht in Maastricht omvat naast een aantal gerichte opleidingsprofielen een groot aantal keuzeblokken waaruit je naar eigen inzicht je programma kunt samenstellen.
Maastricht UniversityPolitiek en samenleving/Politics and Society (label: Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen) voltijd Maastricht
De rode draad van de Master Politiek en samenleving: Hoe cultuur een bron van zorgen en conflicten is geworden in de nationale en internationale politieke arena's.
Maastricht UniversityPostdoctorale Opleiding tot Registercontroller voltijd Maastricht
De RC-titel heeft velen een belangrijke impuls aan hun carriére gegeven. De opleiding profileert zich met kwaliteit, kleinschaligheid, case-gericht onderwijs en aandacht voor managementcompetenties.
Maastricht UniversityPsychology voltijd Maastricht
The one-year Master in Psychology is a challenging programme that prepares you for a professional career in psychology. Keywords that describe the programme are:
Maastricht UniversityPublic Policy and Human Development voltijd Maastricht
The Master in Public Policy and Human Development equips students with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enable them to work as policy designers and policy analysts.
Maastricht UniversityRecht en Arbeid voltijd Maastricht
Bij deze Nederlandstalige opleiding word je opgeleid als professional in de gebieden arbeid en gezondheid in het recht. De master Recht en Arbeid kent twee specialisaties.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Business Research voltijd Maastricht
English-language programme that trains students to become researchers & academics within the field of business. Focused on research & analytical skills, the programme has four specialisations.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Economic and Financial Research voltijd Maastricht
English-language programme for a career in economic & financial research. Four specialisations available: Financial Economics, Economic Theory, Technology, Innovation & Growth, Econometrics.
Maastricht UniversitySustainability Science, Policy and Society voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversitySystems Biology voltijd Maastricht
Do you want to better understand the underlying mechanisms of life? Would you like to contribute to integrating the scientific fields of biology and mathematics in order to open new perspectives for a
Maastricht UniversityThe MaastrichtMBA deeltijd Maastricht
The MaastrichtMBA is about developing talent together: working in small groups with fellow students and teaching faculty brings you the most valuable learning experience of all!
Maastricht UniversityWork, Health and Career voltijddeeltijd Maastricht
This programme focuses on health and wellbeing throughout employees' entire careers. You look not just at problems but also at wellbeing, engagement and productivity.