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TU DelftAerospace Engineering voltijd Delft
TU Delft is home to one of the leading academic programmes in aerospace technology in all of Europe.
TU DelftApplied Earth Sciences voltijd Delft
Hoe voorkom je verzakkingen, verwarm je gebouwen met geothermische energie en hoe sla je veilig CO2 op in de aarde? Dit en nog veel meer leer je bij de master Applied Earth Sciences.
TU DelftApplied Geophysics - IDEA league voltijd Delft
The Applied Geophysics track trains students in all geophysical and related aspects of environmental and engineering investigations and in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon and geotherma
TU DelftApplied Mathematics voltijd Delft
TU DelftApplied Physics voltijd Delft
The Applied Physics programme is designed to educate students to be able to stay at the forefront of fundamental understanding, and to develop practical applications. Applied physics is about translat
TU DelftArchitecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences voltijd Delft
TU DelftBiomedical Engineering voltijd Delft
TU DelftChemical Engineering voltijd Delft
The Chemical Engineering programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in chemical engineering science while preparing them for a broad range of career opportunities.
TU DelftCivil Engineering voltijd Delft
Hoe voorkom je overstromingen? Hoe zorg je voor een betere verkeersdoorstroming en minder luchtvervuiling? Hoe ontwerp je duurzame/veilige constructies? Bij Civiele Techniek ga je hiermee aan de slag.
TU DelftCoastal and Marine Engineering and Management - Erasmus Mundus master voltijd Delft
The Erasmus Mundus Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM) is a two-year, English taught international Master's programme, in which five high-rated European universities partic
TU DelftComplex Systems Engineering & Management voltijd Delft
This two-year programme is aimed at educating engineers who can contribute to the design and management of infrastructures and related services.
TU DelftComputer Engineering voltijd Delft
TU DelftComputer Science voltijd Delft
The MSc programme in Computer Science is built on the strengths and innovative power of our research groups
TU DelftComputer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE) voltijd Delft
COSSE is a programme within the multidisciplinary field of Computational Science and Engineering
TU DelftConstruction Management & Engineering - 3TU voltijd Delft
Momenteel staat de bouwsector zwaar onder druk vanwege een toeneemde vraag vanuit de markt voor meer transparantie, klantgerichtheid en innovatie.
TU DelftData Science & Technology voltijd Delft
The richness and importance of the information conveyed by data has led to a rapid increase in the influence of data on individuals and society.
TU DelftDesign for Interaction voltijd Delft
De masteropleiding Design for Interaction (DfI) duurt twee jaar en geeft na afronding recht op de titel MSc of ir.
TU DelftEIT Master ICT innovation voltijd Delft
EIT Digital provides cutting- edge ICT excellence in combination with innovation and entrepreneurship training, leading to a double degree and an EIT-labeled Certificate.
TU DelftElectrical Engineering voltijd Delft
The Master's programme in Electrical Engineering offers four different tracks: Electrical Power Engineering, Microelectronics, Telecommunications & Sensing Systems and signals & systems.
TU DelftElectrical Power Engineering voltijd Delft
Electricity is the most flexible and efficient source of energy to power mankind. If we improve the exploitation of sustainable energy sources, electricity is sure to play a leading role throughout th
TU DelftEmbedded Systems - 4TU voltijd Delft
The TU Delft Master of Science Programme in Embedded Systems focuses on the design methodology of hardware and software user environments.
TU DelftEngineering & Policy Analysis voltijd Delft
Engineering and Policy Analysis is a fully accredited TU Delft MSc programme for students with a background in a technological field and is taught in the city of The Hague.
TU DelftEuropean Post-Master in Urbanism voltijd Delft
The EMU programme is targeting graduates who already have a master or 5 year undergraduate academic degree and who, in addition, wish to have an additional specialization in urbanism.
TU DelftEuropean Wind Energy Master voltijd Delft
The European Wind Energy Master (EWEM) is an advanced 2-year MSc programme with four specialisations: Wind Physics, Rotor Design, Electric Power Systems and Offshore Engineering.
TU DelftGeomatics voltijd Delft
Geomatics is concerned with the acquisition, analysis, management and visualisation of geographic data with the aim of gaining knowledge and a better understanding of built and natural environments.
TU DelftGeoscience & Remote Sensing voltijd Delft
Geosciences and Remote Sensing focuses on technology for the observation and understanding of our environment.
TU DelftIndustrial Ecology - TU Delft en Universiteit Leiden voltijd Delft
The master of science in Industrial Ecology (IE) offers talented students from around the world the opportunity to enhance their expertise and work on current challenges faced by the world today.
TU DelftIntegrated Product Design voltijd Delft
Integrated Product Design is een tweejarige opleiding, waarin je je op hoog niveau in productontwerp kunt specialiseren.
TU DelftLife Science & Technology voltijd Delft
Er zijn drie profielen: Biocatalysis, Biochemical Engineering en Cell Factory. Alledrie de afstudeerrichtingen of profielen hebben een science- en een technologycomponent.
TU DelftManagement of Technology voltijd Delft
Technology management in high-tech organisations.
TU DelftMarine Technology voltijd Delft
TU DelftMaterials Science & Engineering voltijd Delft
Materials Science & Engineering is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties and applications of matter to various areas of science and engineering.
TU DelftMechanical Engineering voltijd Delft
Whether it's a dentist's drill or a tunnel drill, an automobile assembly line or a CD player, somewhere in the course of its development, a mechanical engineer has had a hand in its design.
TU DelftMicroelectronics voltijd Delft
TU DelftMinerals and Environmental Programme - Erasmus Mundus master voltijd Delft
TU DelftNanobiology voltijd Delft
TU DelftOffshore Engineering voltijd Delft
Offshore & Dredging Engineering is multidisciplinary and is a cooperation between Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology.
TU DelftRobotics voltijd Delft
TU DelftScience Communication voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Communication
TU DelftSEC: Leraar VHO Informatica voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
TU DelftSEC: Leraar VHO Natuurkunde voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
TU DelftSEC: Leraar VHO O&O voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
TU DelftSEC: Leraar VHO Scheikunde voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
TU DelftSEC: Leraar VHO Wiskunde voltijd Delft
MSc Science Education and Communication, track Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
TU DelftSignals and Systems voltijd Delft
TU DelftSoftware Technology voltijd Delft
TU DelftStrategic Product Design voltijd Delft
Strategic Product Design is een tweejarige opleiding, waarin je je op hoog niveau in productontwikkeling kunt specialiseren.
TU DelftSustainable Energy Technology (4TU) voltijd Delft
Sustainable Energy Technology includes renewable energy sources (such as solar energy, wind energy, and energy from biomass) and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency.
TU DelftSystems & Control voltijd Delft
As the complexity and importance of our many industrial structures and manufacturing systems grow, so does the guiding hand of Systems and Control.
TU DelftTechnical Medicine voltijd Delft
The Delft University of Technology offers a unique interdisciplinary joint-degree Master programme in technical medicine together with Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
TU DelftTelecommunications & Sensing Systems voltijd Delft
TU DelftThe Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design voltijd Delft
The Berlage Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design is an international one-and-a-half-year-long, English-language post-master's-level program in architecture and urban design.
TU DelftTransport, Infrastructure & Logistics voltijd Delft
The field of transport, infrastructure and logistics is interconnected with virtually every aspect of our daily lives.