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In 1.5 years you can earn the Master of Science (MSc) degree of the University of Amsterdam in the part-time Executive Programme in Management Studies at the Amsterdam Business School.

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typeregulier, post-initieel, 60 EC
start1 februari, 1 september
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opleidingsduur18 maanden deeltijd
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You can choose for Digital Business, Strategy or Leadership and Management as a track in the programme. This part-time programme is for students living and working in the Netherlands. Lectures are organised on Fridays during office hours.

After successfully completing the programme, Management Studies alumni are able to make a strategic and operational contribution based on their knowledge, business analyses and insights. Their contribution can improve and provide innovation for profit and non-profit organisations. A MSc degree is often an important condition for higher level management positions.

The Executive Programme in Management Studies is meant for ambitious professionals who want to advance their expertise in the field of management and business. Students in the programme have successfully completed a research university or university of applied sciences programme. Lectures are on Fridays, during office hours, this should be convenient for students combining work and study.

Waarom aan de Amsterdam UVA?

Why the Amsterdam Business School?
  • The Amsterdam Business School has excellent rankings;
  • A diverse international student body;
  • Strong international networks in business and government;
  • A central location in Amsterdam.


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On average students spend about 20 hours a week on their studies. This means that in addition to the lecture day, you should expect to spend 12-15 hours a week studying, preparing or completing assignments. The Executive Programme Management Studies curriculum is structured to provide for optimal interaction. Tutorials are commonly provided to small groups of students so there is always an opportunity to answer any individual questions students might have.
Students will sometimes attend lectures given to larger groups, take part in smaller tutorials and time will also be set aside for individual supervision. Students will have ample opportunity to communicate with each other and with students as they study more in-depth lesson material.

1e jaar The Executive Programme in Management Studies contains a track, compulsory courses, 2 electives and the Master's thesis.
Business Seminar
1 EC
Theories of Leadership and Management/Digital Business/Strategy
6 EC
Business in Society
5 EC
Specialisation courses
Thesis Proposal
5 EC
2e jaar
Thesis Research Methods


specialisatie Strategy and Organisation

Strategy deals with questions such as: where should we have a presence as a business, what is the best way to compete and how should the company be organised to be successful?

This subject covers general management issues that affect the entire company.

Because of the complex environment in which companies operate, finding a good strategy is no easy task. Managers must take important decisions, even though much of the information is uncertain and constantly changes.
Managers who deal with strategic issues must have strong analytical skills. This specialisation teaches you how to deal with complexities and uncertainties surrounding strategic issues in an international context. The theoretical introduction gives you an overview of important theories and you learn how to apply these theories in practice based on cases. Just as the other tracks, you conclude your study programme with your own research project.

Courses in this track:

  • Theories of Strategy and Organisation
  • Strategy and Organisation Design
  • The Adaptive Organisation
  • 2 Elective courses

specialisatie Digital Business

In many industries including banks, retail, music and bookings, the products, services and marketing have become increasingly digital.

This digital revolution has transformed the very nature of these industries and the way they compete. Managers need to understand the economics, business practices and the basics of the technology to be successful. This track will focus on marketing, operational research and new product development in a digital environment.

Courses in this track:

  • Theories of Digital Business
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Digital Business Innovation
  • 2 Elective Courses

specialisatie Leadership and Management

Operating a successful business makes high demands on a manager's leadership skills.

This specialisation teaches you the theory and practice of leadership and management techniques that can help make organisations more efficient, enable staff and teams to deliver better performance and that allow work to fit better with personal ambitions.
Lecturers publish in leading academic journals and maintain excellent relations with companies with whom they undertake collaborative research. You are given a broad overview of subjects such as leadership, change management and strategic human resource management.
You are also challenged to switch between theory and practice; between the strategic and operational levels and between the manager's and employee's perspective.

Courses in this track:

  • Theories of Leadership and Management
  • Managing People Strategically
  • Leadership
  • 2 Elective Course


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet70% zelfstudie
15% theorie
15% praktijk
group discussion, lecture, individual assignment, literature study, research, research project, seminar, tutorial, working group, self study
In the Executive programme in Management Studies, you will learn how to approach and solve actual business issues at an academic level. You learn how to apply known models as well as the limitations of these models. You will gain insight into international research in the field of business administration and into the success and failures of managerial solutions. And you will learn how to carry out research yourself.
Resolving business issues always requires input from different fields. That's why our programme covers a broad range of aspects of business administration with a focus on strategic management, marketing and leadership and organisation.
The academic title MSc is conferred upon students who successfully complete the Executive Master Management Studies. The University of Amsterdam guarantees the academic quality of the programme.

Toelating en kosten


1 februari 2021

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1 september 2021

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When you are considering applying for the Executive Programme Management Studies, please contact us so we can assess your prior education and CV.
Send a CV or resume and scans and transcripts of your prior education to
Or call +31 20 525 5339 to discuss the programme we could offer you.
When you intend to start the Executive Programme Management Studies, please use the Online application option, see left on this screen.
For an online application you need to upload an scan of your passport, scans of your diplomas and transcripts and a CV, resume or LinkedIn profile.
If you have any queries prior to the online application please contact us at +31 20 525 5339 or by email,


Candidates holding a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a "University of Applied Sciences" in the field not related to our programme may be required to take a GMAT or GRE. We require a minimum GMAT score of 550 or higher and a minimum analytical writing score of around 4.0. The required minimum GRE score is around 650 (quantitative) and around 4.0 for analytical writing (the combined score should be 1200 or higher). In case the GRE score is based on a 130-170 scale we require a quantitative score above 150 and a total score of at least 307. You can ask the test institutions to send the score report directly to us.

English language proficiency
We may require evidence of English language proficiency:
Minimum score TOEFL test: 92, at least 20 on each sub-score (237 computer-based/580 paper-based test, reporting number 0398)
Minimum score IELTS-test: 6.5, at least 6 on each sub-score
Minimum score Cambridge International Examinations: A (FCE), A/B (CAE), A/B/C (CPE).

Applicants who took English at vwo, havo or hbo level or at the German secondary education ( Abitur) level are exempted from the English language requirement.
Amsterdam Business School institution codes:
TOEFL = 6739
GMAT = 0500
GRE = 6739


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132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1292totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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1/2 Amsterdam UVA
Executive Programme in Management Studies
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2/2 Amsterdam UVA
Bedrijfskunde in deeltijd
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Na de studie

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After graduation, our students are attractive to many employers in various sectors. Alumni have ended up in consultancy, product management, Human Resource Management, Global Infrastructure Management and much more.
"The interaction with fellow students who often work in a completely different field is extremely beneficial and enjoyable."
"The way of thinking I developed during this study programme is beneficial to me on a daily bases."

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Executive Programme Management Studies (msc)
T: (+ 31) 020 525 5339
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