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voltijd master Latin American Studies - Universiteit Leiden

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diplomama M Latijns-Amerika Studies
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The master’s programme of Latin American Studies supports the teaching and research of the social, cultural, historical, and linguistic diversity of contemporary Latin America, a region of mind-blowing diversity and global impact.

We offer the unique opportunity to specialise in the Latin American region, including a global perspective and offering unique combination of multi-disciplinary expertise for the Netherlands in the field of Brazilian studies. In fact, students can chose to focus on any of the countries in the region, depending on their research interests.

Taught by scholars from Leiden University's internationally-acclaimed Faculty of Humanities, and including collaboration from visiting experts on Latin America, the master in Latin American Studies explores the most current social, political, linguistic and cultural developments shaping Latin America today. You may choose from one of three disciplinary tracks:

    ·Cultural Analysis in Latin America·Public Policies in Latin America·Language Variation and Bilingualism
Three broad tracks ensure a deep theoretical and methodological underpinning, allowing students to specialise in their areas of interest.


A research trip to Latin America immerses you in one of the Latin American cultures and languages, while developing your ability to conduct high-quality scientific research and communicate professionally and effectively.


taal van onderwijs100% en
case studies, groepsdiscussie, hoorcollege, literatuurstudie, mondelinge presentatie, onderzoek, onderzoeksproject, onderzoeksvoorstel, zelfstudie

With the skills and knowledge you have gained during the MA in Latin American Studies at Leiden University you will be able to work in a range of professional and academic careers. These include highly sought after skills such as:

  • Problem solving (recognizing and analyzing problems, solution-oriented thinking)
  • Analytical skills (analytical thinking, abstraction, evidence)
  • Project management (planning, scope, boundaries, result-orientation)
  • Responsibility (ownership, self-discipline, bear mistakes, accountability)
  • Motivation (commitment, pro-active attitude, initiative)
  • Self-regulation (independence, self-esteem, aware of own goals, motives and capacities)
  • Verbal communication (presenting, speaking, listening)
  • Written communication (writing skills, reporting, summarising)
  • Collaboration (teamwork, group support, loyalty, attendance)
  • Flexibility (adaptability, dealing with change, teachability, eagerness to learn)
  • Critical thinking (asking questions, check assumptions)
  • Creative thinking (resourcefulness, curiosity, thinking out of the box)
  • Integrity (honesty, moral, ethics, personal values)
  • Intercultural skills (communications between different cultures)

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