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This interdisciplinary research master offers the best of three worlds (arts, literature and media).


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You take two collective courses which will train you to position yourself and your research in a multi-disciplinary field. Then you choose between two historically defined lines that work with different definitions of media:

    ·In the medieval and early modern line, art and literature work through media. Here, medium is the means by which art and literature are made (such as the medium of language, print, theatre, paint, etching, andsoforth).·In the contemporary line, from the 19th century until the present, art and literature get accompanied by media such as cinema, games, or social media.
Your research connects to the medieval/early modern line or the contemporary line. In both you take two obligatory thematic courses that combine interdisciplinary and historically marked research with medium-specificity. Because you have also taken the two collective courses, this leaves you with more than half of the programme as a matter of choice. You need to select two courses provided by the national research schools which organise specific fields of research: medieval studies, art history, literary studies, media studies, cultural analysis. Finally, three courses that are specific to your research and can be chosen from the Leiden master programme or other universities.


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The Research Master Arts, Literature and Media is a two-year programme, in four semesters.

You take two obligatory thematic courses and two collective courses, this leaves you with more than half of the programme as a matter of choice. You need to select two courses provided by the national research schools which organise specific fields of research: medieval studies, art history, literary studies, media studies, cultural analysis. Finally, three courses that are specific to your research.

With the skills and knowledge you have gained during your master’s programme at Leiden University you will be able to work in a range of professional and academic careers.

These include highly sought after skills such as:

    ·to think critically; ·the ability to write well; ·to organise your work and meet tight deadlines; ·to convey meaning precisely; ·to research and thoroughly analyse literary and academical texts; ·to critically use literary and cultural theory.
The research master’s programme in Arts, Literature and Media at Leiden University aims to equip you with these important skills and knowledge that will help you thrive in your future career. Your specialised knowledge is complemented by a strong, critical-thinking approach to problem-solving that can be applied to even the most complex conceptual problems.

Future employers are interested not only in the subject-related knowledge that you acquired during your study programme, but also in the ‘transferable skills’. These include cognitive skills; intrapersonal skills, such as flexibility, initiative, appreciating diversity and metacognition; and interpersonal skills, such as communication, accountability and conflict resolution. In short, they are skills that all professionals need in order to perform well.

Toelating en kosten


1 februari 2023

aanmelding deadline : 1 november 2022
wettelijk tarief : € 2314 (€1157 in het eerste jaar)

1 februari 2024

aanmelding deadline : 1 november 2023
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1 september 2023

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2023
wettelijk tarief : € 2314 (€1157 in het eerste jaar)

1 september 2024

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2024
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<ul><li>Good grades comparable with an average mark of at least 7.5 (Dutch grading system) for your entire bachelor’s programme and a grade for the bachelor’s thesis of an 8 or higher.</li></ul>

<ul><li>Your motivation and suitability for your chosen specialization should be demonstrated by a well-argued and structured motivation letter in which you indicate why you want to follow the programme and convincingly discusses what makes you a good candidate for the research MA programme. The statement should be between 700 and 1,500 words.</li></ul>

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Na de studie

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Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

As a graduate of the master's programme in Arts, Literature and Media (Research), you are prepared for a career in a wide variety of fields.

You are also in a strong position to enter a top PhD programme and a research-oriented career.

Some of the careers of our graduates include:

    ·PhD candidate in English Literature at a European university·Editor in chief for a Dutch arts and culture magazine·Cataloguer of Photography at an art museum·Event Manager for Foundation·PhD candidate in Arts and Culture at an international university·Policy officer at The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations·Assistant academic staff member at a Belgian university·Library staff member at a university library·PhD candidate at a British university·Account manager for books and literature at an antique store·Teaching coordinator at a Dutch university·PhD candidate at a Dutch university·Project officer at an art museum·Project coordinator at an advertising agency·Coordinator/lecturer in art theory and practice at an art academy·Marketing and product manager/assistant at a company producing designer glasses·Project officer at a foundation promoting regional artists·Gallery assistant for modern art at an art school·Auctioneer at an online auction house·Curator at a museum·Collections manager at a natural history museum


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