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Archaeological Science delves into the specifics of archaeological methods and techniques. The combination of hands-on field experience and laboratory work offers a challenging and rewarding research environment.

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Scientific methodology is an important approach in modern archaeology and it is at the heart of archaeological science. Hypotheses, data, theory, experiments, observations, as well as presentation and interpretation, are all key to our understanding of our past.

The programme gives you the freedom to choose your own focus based on your own interests. You may study Archaeobotany and Archaeozoology, or prefer to dive into Human Osteoarchaeology. You may rather explore material culture, or further develop your skills in digital archaeology. All of these choices can be combined with lectures on specific regions or time periods.

Waarom aan de Universiteit Leiden?

Why Archaeological Science at Leiden University?
  • Benefit from our wide range of expertise. Match your prefered archaeological science methods with one of the regions we lecture on, from the Americas to the Near East.
  • Study in a faculty that ranks in the top 10 worldwide in academic reputation and research impact (February 2019 QS World University Ranking by subject).
  • Follow lectures given by our outstanding international faculty staff, whose members are involved in projects all over the world, with a strong emphasis on field archaeology.
  • Work with top researchers and benefit from the strong connection between our current research projects and our curriculum.
  • Gain a Master of Science degree in Archaeology and enter the job market with a strong basis in the archaeological sciences.


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Dive into the heart of archaeological science: explore the flora and fauna of bygone ages, study human bones and teeth, analyse the cultural biographies of material objects, or become an expert in the use of digital data in archaeological research.
The programme offers four Career Profiles (specialisations):

  • Archaeobotany and archaeozoology
  • Human osteoarchaeology
  • Material Culture Studies
  • Digital Archaeology

Regardless of the Career Profile you choose, you will follow a general course in scientific methodology. Each Career Profile consists of two lecture series, supplemented with lectures by guest speakers, including international speakers, and laboratory work. You will also choose a Region Focus Area, either centered on a region or a period, supplementing your main Archaeological Science focus. Finally, there is room for fieldwork, and elective courses.
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35 EC
Scientific Methodology in Archaeology
5 EC


profiel Archaeobotany and Archaeozoology

Archaeobotany and archaeozoology focuses on a variety of palaeo-zoological and palaeo-botanical topics (including aDNA and isotopes), ranging in age from the Palaeolithic to historical periods.

The programme revolves around palaeo-environmental or palaeo-economical questions as well as evolutionary aspects of faunal or floral communities, and the evolution of species.

profiel Human osteoarchaeology

Topics discussed in this Career Profile include: stable isotope analysis, biomechanical analyses, paleodemography, metric and non-metric variation, estimation of sex and age, taphonomic changes, etc.

Students are encouraged to formulate a research question that is novel, reproducible, and of interest to the wider osteoarchaeological community.

The Faculty of Archaeology houses several skeletal collections, which may be available for student research. In addition to a well-grounded education in archaeology, students that complete this track will have an advanced knowledge of the human body, experience conducting research, and honed scientific writing expertise. These skills will prepare students to continue their osteoarchaeological research efforts or pursue other career opportunities.

Please note: if you want to start in February, and you aim to graduate in a year, your thesis subject options are limited.

profiel Material Culture Studies

This Career Profile deals with current approaches in material culture theory, analytical methods and the techniques used to study artefacts and in experimental archaeology.

Experiments are key to both our research and teaching. These are conducted in an experimental laboratory, as well as in an experimental outdoor location called Huize Horsterwold. The latter is a Stone Age hamlet we have constructed these past few years and which we use as an experimental station.

profiel Digital Archaeology

In the Career Profile Digital Archaeology you will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge about digital data in archaeology: from generation to visualisation, analysis, interpretation and presentation.

You will also reflect on the nature and future of Digital Archaeology, focusing on how digital data and computational tools affect the way we undertake research and the results we achieve.

Your thesis will have a methodological focus, or at least a strong methodological component, in one of the sub-fields of Digital Archaeology (surveying and geophysics; remote sensing and image analysis; spatial analysis; 3D modelling; modelling and simulation; data management). The topic may be embedded in a larger research context, combining it for example with the topic of your second focus area.


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet40% zelfstudie
40% theorie
20% praktijk
lecture, individual assignment, laboratory work, oral presentation, research project, practicum, seminar, internship, tutorial, working group, self study
Become an expert in the archaeological techniques of your choice, in combination with the focus on an additional technique or a specific region.

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1 september 2021

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Archaeological Science
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Heritage and Museum Studies
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Applied Archaeology
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Global Archaeology
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6/9 RUG
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Mediterranean Archaeology
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European Archaeology
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Open up a world of opportunities with your master's degree in Archaeology from Leiden University!
The broad array of skills that you will acquire as an archaeologist will make you an attractive target for a wide range of employers. These skills will equip you for a variety of positions in the Netherlands or abroad, in government or in business. They will also make you an objective, critical and, above all, articulate and creative thinker.

Creative thinkers have the ability to draw logical and accurate conclusions from incomplete information, and to come up with practical and original solutions. This ability will make you a great fit with many different professions.

Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

Your archaeology master's can be a stepping-stone up to a career in almost every sector of the job market. It is the winning combination of practical knowledge and academic skills that fuels employers' demand for Leiden University's archaeology graduates.

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cultural resource managers
field archaeologists
museum curators
phd candidate
policy advisors at governmental institutes or ngos
university or secondary school teachers
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