faculteit Industrial Design

In 2001, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) started the department of Industrial Design (ID).

Based on discussions with industry, the departments decided in 2001 to concentrate on the design of intelligent systems, products, and related services in a societal context, which addresses aspects such as adaptive behavior, context-awareness, and highly dynamic interaction. Students learn to integrate various areas into the design process, with emphasis on designs using new technology for people in the socio-cultural and business contexts.

Systems as adaptive environments
At ID we see systems as adaptive environments in which humans can interact with intelligent products to gain access to services provided. These intelligent products are connected to each other and the surrounding system to achieve a new type of user experience. This implies a new type of designer.

Unique educational system
At our department research and education are integrated into one approach; a unique educational system, the intensive coaching students receive, a focus on practice-oriented teaching and learning, and a close collaboration with local, national, and international companies and institutions.


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faculteit Industrial Design



faculteit Industrial Design