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Electricity is the most flexible and efficient source of energy to power mankind. If we improve the exploitation of sustainable energy sources, electricity is sure to play a leading role throughout th

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In the decades to come, a revolution will unfold in the generation and delivery of electrical power, driven by the large-scale introduction of renewable and distributed power generation, the need for environmentally-friendly and sustainable components and the liberalisation of the energy markets. Electrical power engineers are needed in order to design new components with an eye towards sustainable materials and efficient conversion processes, as well as to integrate them into a smart and adaptable electricity infrastructure.


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Elisabeth Vandeventer
The MSc track Electrical Power Engineering exceeded my expectations since I really enjoyed the possibility to orientate myself in so many directions.

I am very interested in the world of electricity and the electrical network and that's why I decided to do a Master's programme in Electrical Power Engineering. I moved to the Netherlands two years ago, after I finished my Bachelor's degree in Paris. I was eager to study at TU Delft as the university is known to be one of the best technical universities in Europe.

The MSc track Electrical Power Engineering exceeded my expectations since I really enjoyed the possibility to orientate myself in so many directions...
Therefore, my advice for new students of the EPE track would be: take a look at all the available courses that are given beforehand, to make sure you don't miss out on a course that could have been very interesting for you.

Personally, I very much enjoyed the courses in the High Voltage Lab because this is such an impressive building and its quite unique that students are allowed to use it. I would really recommend this MSc track to other students, as the career opportunities are extensive. Recently, I started a traineeship at Alliander, a large Dutch energy network company. I feel in control of my own career and future and my personal development opportunities are close to endless. I am truly enjoying it!

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Laura Rivera Díez
I want to dedicate my professional career to renewable energy, so the Solar Track within the master Electrical Power Engineering fitted me very well.

Hoi! I did my bachelor in Electromechanical Engineering in Spain. In the final year of my bachelor studies, I went abroad. I first did one semester in Lund, Sweden, and then one semester here at TU Delft...
You can really see that these people are here because they believe in what they do, and that they know that this field has a very promising future. This motivates me to work harder.

I especially enjoy the subjects related to photovoltaics, since I would like to work in this field when I am graduated. I am also very happy to be part of the Solar Boat Dream Team, which is one of TU Delft's special student project teams. All of TU Delft's dream teams have amazing projects that are conducted entirely by students, and in my case I got to experience how it feels to work as an engineer.

Laura Rivera Díez

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Harish Krishnappa
I basically wanted to study and learn about new cultures, languages, and widen my career opportunities

Hallo/Hoi, I am Harish Krishnappa, an engineering enthusiast, avid traveler, photographer and much more. I got my bachelor degree from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am currently a master student at TU Delft, following the master in Electrical Power Engineering (EPE).

I basically wanted to study and learn about new cultures, languages, and widen my career opportunities. I also wanted to get an idea of the electricity grid operations and control in the rest of the world including Europe...
The research group called IEPG (Intelligent Electrical Power Grids) at TU Delft caught my attention.

I choose to specialize in High voltage and Power system profiles including some control systems. I had the freedom of choosing the subjects I liked and excel in them.

The master programme Electrical Power Engineering consists of a wide variety of profiles and the course work often comes with an assignment or project that needs to be completed in groups. This gives an excellent opportunity to mingle with a diverse group of people and to learn how to work together.

Delft is quite an open city (expressive, cultural and student friendly) and almost everyone here speaks English. One shall always miss Delft and its TU, after his or her graduation.

My tips for prospective students: Take one step at a time, the quarter system at TU Delft could be difficult to follow in the beginning. The courses move at a quick pace, therefore time management is very crucial. Besides that, the balance between academics and your social life is very critical. But most importantly: try to enjoy your time at TU Delft!

Harish Krishnappa

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Sanjay Ganeshan
I love my Masters programme as it has many interesting and practically relevant subjects, supplemented with a lot of practical work

I am Sanjay Ganeshan, an Indian student pursuing M.Sc. Electrical Engineering – Electrical Power Engineering Track (EPE). I did my Bachelors (B. Tech.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SASTRA University, India. I chose EPE because it allows me to specialize in High Voltage engineering – a field that has continually amazed me since my Bachelors. I chose TU Delft primarily for its very flexible coursework and also because of my admiration for the Dutch education system...
Subjects like 'Electrical Power Systems of the Future', 'DC & AC Microgrids', 'High Voltage Testing and Diagnostics', 'High Voltage Technology' and HVDC are some examples. The course structure is very student friendly and it allows you to learn courses in any domain of your choice.

My advice to new students of the Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) track is to get a feeling of the preliminary courses from the different specialisations and to engage in extracurricular activities. I would strongly recommend the EPE programme for anyone who wishes to specialise in the four sub-tracks : High Voltage, Smart AC and DC grids, Power Electronics & Electrical Machines and Solar Energy. After my study, I would love to work in the field of High Voltage engineering and asset management.

Do you have any questions even after reading this? Feel free to contact me: S.Ganeshan@student.tudelft.nl.

Sanjay Ganeshan

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Xin An
This master program is overall beyond my expectation and I'm satisfied with my study everyday although the workload is not easy.

After completing my bachelor degree in China, I wanted to pursue a master's degree taught in English in Europe. TU delft is among the best in world university rankings and is well-known for its high quality education...
One special part about studying here is we study and do projects in groups quite often. Written examination is not the only means of evaluation. Oral examination, projects and lab report can all be found in different courses.

Apart from taking lectures, there are company field trips, MSc matchmaking events, lunch lectures, and a wide variety of activities you can join.

This master program is overall beyond my expectation and I'm satisfied with my study everyday although the workload is not easy.

Living in Delft is really convenient and enjoyable. The city itself is not very big which means you can easily reach anywhere by bike. After-school life is very rich, you can join a sports club at university sports center or go to restaurants and bars with friends. I'm glad I made the decision to come here!

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Srivats Venkateswaran
Often, academics do not match real world, but EPE is a great anomaly!

After I graduated in Electrical Engineering from VIT University back in India, I believed it would be best to challenge myself in an institution that has some of the brightest minds in the world and has a curriculum to match that.

The decision to pursue a Master's in Electrical Power Engineering at TU Delft was the best choice for me. With the variety of courses available and multiple research groups in the department, I was pleasantly spoilt for choice...
Often, academics do not match real world, but EPE is a great anomaly! I personally am interested in the Intelligent Power Grids track within the course, because of the active research being undertaken, especially in making our grids future proof.

One advice to students planning to join this track would be to keep an open mind and never be shy to ask questions to the professors. They are very knowledgeable and never hesitate from clearing any issues the students might have.

The job scenario in this field are far and wide. With an increasing requirement for smart engineers to upgrade the current older technology in the electrical energy sector, students from TU Delft are perfectly suited to fill the role! Within just a few months at TU Delft, I have begun to find my niche, and have truly grown by leaps and bounds.

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Braham Ferreira
We are playing an active role in designing drive systems for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, ranging from wireless battery-charging stations to generators for range extenders.

My chair is entitled Power Electronics and Electric Machines, and I am heading a group that investigates electrical power conversion. Examples include the conversion of mechanical to electrical power in wind turbines and the supply of electrical power to computers and LED lights. Students consider E-Mobility as an exciting new application of our technology.

We are playing an active role in designing drive systems for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, ranging from wireless battery-charging stations to generators for range extenders...
For example, one of our thesis students designed an electrical motor that can turn the rotor blades in a hybrid helicopter using super-conductor windings.

Experimental work is important to us, and we have a well-equipped laboratory in which graduate students work on their research projects and in which undergraduate students from electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering do practicals. Students consider the study programme stimulating and challenging because our field is multidisciplinary, requiring a working knowledge of electronics, electro-mechanics, power systems and embedded control.

Students are also excited by the level of interest that partners in the industry are showing for our research. Given that electrical power conversion is essential for improving energy efficiency and harvesting renewable energy – and because of our good reputation – our students easily find well-paid jobs.

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Miro Zeman
Students find it fascinating to work in the PVMD group, improving the performance of solar cells and developing photovoltaic systems for new applications, such as charging electrical cars and bicycles.

I am the head of the Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE) department. Within the ESE department I chair the group Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) that focuses on research and education in the field of solar electricity. This is an interesting and exciting field because solar electricity has a big advantage over other forms of electricity generation, such as the thermal and nuclear energy...
The students contribute with their project results to the realization the ESE department vision: reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity for everyone.

The demand for engineers with high-quality education in electrical power engineering is increasing and therefore the students easily find a good job or start their own company.

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Electrical Power Engineering
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Smart Electrical Networks and Systems (SENSE)
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Connected World Technologies
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Electrical Engineering
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Electrical Engineering
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