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Culture and heritage are the sinews of a society. In an era marked by rapid change, ambitious and critical cultural leaders are required to foster the cultural core of a sustainable society.

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typeonderzoek, 120 EC
start1 september
taalvolledig English
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Culture defines humanity. Managing the valuation and transmission of culture through policy, entrepreneurship, and education across generations is therefore a key responsibility for a sustainable society. In our modern society, culture has to be negotiated as it is shaped by digitisation and new media, ethnic and cultural diversity, changing audiences and economic circumstances, dwindling public funds, and a loss of shared historical awareness. The mission of the Research Master's track Cultural Leadership is to train its students to conduct academic research into processes of cultural leadership. We equip them with essential scholarly expertise as well as analytical and strategic skills, so that they may carry culture forward in a critical, sustainable, and creative manner, and ultimately become cultural leaders themselves.

In order to broaden our students’ outlook on their own cultures and provide them with the opportunity to exchange ideas with peers, we have joined forces with Roma Tre University. Students spend the second semester of the first year in Rome. This period ends with a Spring School at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

Waarom aan de RUG?

The programme's broad definition of cultural leadership and its multidisciplinary set-up distinguishes it from programmes offered elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad that only deal with specific areas of culture as well as from programmes that primarily address the organisational and managerial aspects of the cultural field. We offer small-scale intensive education in which discussion, forming and voicing your own informed opinion play a significant role.


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1e jaar In their first year students do course work.
Theories of Culture and Research
5 EC
Cultural Leadership
10 EC
Disciplinary electives (Groningen)
10 EC
Public Arts Policy in Global Context (Groningen)
5 EC
Disciplinary electives (Rome)
15 EC
Heritage (Rome)
5 EC
Media (Rome)
5 EC
Sustainability & Cultural Awareness (Rome)
5 EC
2e jaar In their second year students do a research traineeship and write their thesis.
Thesis preparation, including Methodology class afstuderen
15 EC
Research Traineeship, including Winter School (Groningen)
30 EC
Thesis writing afstuderen
15 EC


taal van onderwijs100% en
study guidance
If you have any questions or doubts about your studies, you can always contact the study advisor. He or she knows all the ins and outs of the program and personal planning. Study advisors are impartial and everything that is discussed is treated confidentially. They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problems..
study abroad
All students spend the second semester of the first year in Rome, where they do course work at Roma Tre University and participate in a Spring School at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR). In the second year, a number of research traineeships are offered by partner institutions outside the Netherlands.
honours-/excellence program Master's Honours Programme

The Master's Honours Programme was developed especially for students who want to get more from their studies.

It is a programme worth 15 ECTS that is followed in addition to the standard Master's programme. It is a one-year interdisciplinary programme that is designed to introduce students to various aspects of leadership.

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2022

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2022
wettelijk tarief : € 2209 (€1105 in het eerste jaar)
instellingstarief : € 12380
niet-EU/EER studenten : € 14570

1 september 2023

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2023
collegegeld nog niet bekend

NB. We strongly advice you to start the programme in September. For more information, please contact the study advisor.

Excellent academic record.

BA degree in:

  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Language and Culture Studies
  • Arts and Culture Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Minorities and Multilingualism
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences, Business Administration, or International Organizations if students demonstrate a clear affinity with, and knowledge of, the arts and humanities

reference letter
Two letters of recommendation from relevant experts.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A letter outlining the prospective student's motivation for selecting the programme and Research Master's track, including their expectations and interests.

estimated monthly costs

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42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

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Synthesis is the new study association for all Research Master students from the Faculty of Arts. Synthesis is both a social network and a platform for the academic development of young scholars. Given our shared interest in academic research, Synthesis organizes a variety of seminars, lectures and workshops about academic skills or career strategy with interesting speakers from different fields.
Synthesis also aims to create and maintain an active Research Master community by organizing social activities such as drinks, dinners and fun trips. Join our Facebook group for more information.

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aan het woord: studenten en docenten

Christianne Blijleven
“For me this is an ideal combination of studying both art objects and the sector that surrounds it.”

“The main reason for me to come to Groningen was the unique program of this research master: even though the majority of the courses discuss topics related to cultural leadership, there is plenty of space to further explore your own field as well. For me this is an ideal combination of studying both art objects and the sector that surrounds it.I think these two aspects together will also form a solid base for the internship in the second year. And of course there is the exchange programme with Roma Tre and the Spring School at KNIR, which is really exciting.”
Merel Cuperus
“This research master is for people who have the ambition to go beyond the “normal” activities within a cultural organization.”

“This research master is for people who have the ambition to go beyond the “normal” activities within a cultural organization, and want to explore how cultural leaders within organizations can be placed, what these leaders do and how they need to act in order to get things done. Eventually, you might have the ambition to become one yourself.Furthermore, the programme is quite broad and my fellow students all come from different backgrounds (arts and culture; media; history; art history; language studies; sociology)...

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'We urgently need a new generation of cultural leaders'

“As digital archives are growing and innovative tools are being developed to provide new forms of access, we urgently need a new generation of cultural leaders with a novel vision on how to research and re-use the digitized treasures of the past.”

Giovanna Fossati is Head Curator EYE Film Institute Netherlands (Amsterdam) and author of From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition (2009).
Katherine Watson
“Leadership is curious, responsive and reflective - it recognizes patterns and sees connections and acts and engages on multiple levels.”

“Leadership is recognising what you do not know – what perspectives can be brought to the table to bring knowledge that you do not have – it is open, inclusive and values and respects all perspectives equally. Leadership brokers knowledge – it is always learning and co-learning, rather than being the font of all wisdom. Leadership is curious, responsive and reflective - it recognizes patterns and sees connections and acts and engages on multiple levels.”Katherine Watson - former Director, European Cultural Foundation and Cultural Leader in Residence, Research Master Cultural Leadership...

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1/13 RUG
Cultural Leadership
€ 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
NAN% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
2/13 RUG
Arts, Media and Literary Studies
€ 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
NAN% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
3/13 RUG
Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen
€ 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
NAN% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
4/13 Maastricht University
Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (research)
€ 308 gemiddelde kamerhuur
3 eerstejaars
66% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
5/13 UU
GEMMA Master degree in Women's and Gender studies
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
33 eerstejaars
78% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
6/13 UU
Art History
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
NAN% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
7/13 UU
Gender Studies (Research)
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
13 eerstejaars
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? uur contacttijd/week
8/13 UU
Religious Studies
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
11 eerstejaars
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? uur contacttijd/week
9/13 UU
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4 eerstejaars
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? uur contacttijd/week
10/13 Amsterdam UVA
Arts of the Netherlands
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
14 eerstejaars
71% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
11/13 Amsterdam UVA
Artistic Research
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
14 eerstejaars
71% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
12/13 Amsterdam UVA
Cultural Analysis
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
14 eerstejaars
71% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
13/13 Amsterdam UVA
Art Studies
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
14 eerstejaars
71% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
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Na de studie

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Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

Cultural Leadership graduates find jobs as:
  • cultural entrepreneurs, designing, promoting, and organizing cultural events on a variety of scales: from (inter)national festivals to regional and local projects;
  • cultural administrators, policy makers, and educators, working on different levels of government, public foundations, and pedagogical institutions;
  • cultural media critics, working in print, audio visual, and electronic media.

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