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How do students learn in schools? What role do individual differences play in learning? How can you improve learning environments to optimally help students learn and develop?

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Common to all processes referred to in the questions above, is that they take place while and because we interact. Interaction is the motor of learning and development, and therefore key to improving education.

While we all can recognize these interactions, in this master’s track you will learn to take a scientific, evidence-based approach to better examine these day-to-day interactions. This master zooms in on the complex processes through which we learn academic subjects, develop cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, and acquire social competencies.

Different theoretical perspectives and didactic approaches come together in this master’s track. You will understand learning processes in context, and be capable to examine the challenges that arise in optimizing learning environments to learners' needs.

Waarom aan de RUG?

  • revolves around learning processes
  • Current research meets education and practice
  • Close collaboration with staff in their research project
  • One-year internationally oriented master


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opbouwCourses marked * are general courses
The track is designed to provide you with a blend of skills, theoretical background and practical experience required to understand learning processes and to (re)design learning environments.
*Methods and Techniques for Evaluation Research
5 EC
Learning in Human Interaction
5 EC
*Master thesis
25 EC
Learning in Interaction with Artefacts
5 EC
*Internship (5 or 10 EC)
Student Diversity in the (Inclusive) Classroom
5 EC
(If 5 EC Internship is chosen): Educational Organization & Management
5 EC
Reflection in & on Learning
5 EC


taal van onderwijs100% en
study abroad
Consult about the possibilities with the programme coordinator.

Toelating en kosten


Applicants might be invited to hold a (Skype/FacteTime) interview with the Admission Board as part of the application procedure.

If you have any deficiencies in connection with Statistics and Research Methodology then we offer the possibility to take pre-master courses. The Admissions Office will inform you if you would qualify for this. For more information about the premaster have a look at the SPO site: http://spo-groningen.nl/premaster-statistics-and-research-methodology/

Related higher professional education (hbo): ALO, PABO of PA, hbo-pedagogiek, HKP, HPO, HSAO, 4-jarige tweedegraads lerarenopleidingen en hbo-psychologie.

For unrelated HBO / university degree you need to submit an admission request (with CV and copy of diploma and grade lists) to: admission committee.pedok@rug.nl
Information about the pre-master: www.spo-groningen.nl

Students with a

  • Bachelor's degree in Pedagogical Sciences from a university other than the University of Groningen
  • Bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences from a university other than the University of Groningen
  • Unrelated higher education (hbo) or university degree

must submit an application for admission (with CV and copy of diploma and grade lists) via https://www.rug.nl/gmw/pedagogy-and-educational-sciences/education/master/aanvraag-toelating-master-pedok

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ODIOM is the study association for Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, Academic Teacher-Training for Primary Education and the SPO switching program.
ODIOM has over 700 members. The activities of ODIOM include: lectures, excursions to (ortho-) pedagogical institutions, foreign travel, the introduction camp for freshmen, sporting and social activities and drinks and parties. Members receive the ODIOM magazine and a discount on all study books.

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1/5 RUG
Learning in Interaction
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2/5 RUG
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4/5 Radboud Universiteit
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5/5 Amsterdam UVA
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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90% Nederlandstalig
10% Engelstalig
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developer of educational materials

for any level of education, from primary- to higher-education.

educational consultant

in all sectors of public and private education, as well as in public and private training.

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Academic Advisor Educational Sciences
Admissions Office

for students with a non-Dutch diploma

Dr. Mayra Mascareño

staff member

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