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How does the nervous system control voluntary movement? What are the benefits of exercise? And are these things the same for all people? Find out in this programme.

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start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur2 jaar voltijd
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The two-year Master's programme is meant for students who are fascinated by the complexity of human movement. You will study human movement from multiple perspectives, using theories from Medicine, Biology, Mathematics and Behavioural Sciences.
In this programme, you will acquire an advanced theoretical understanding of human movement. You will also gain research skills and professional skills, learning to apply your knowledge in a practical setting.
The programme has two central themes. In 'motor function and cognition in healthy ageing' you will explore how physical activity and innovative solutions can prevent chronic diseases, and preserve cognitive function. You will also study slow ageing. In 'rehabilitation and functional recovery' you will improve your understanding of impaired movement and the restoration of functioning in rehabilitation practices.

Waarom aan de RUG?

awardKeuzegids topopleiding
  • Science-based multidisciplinary 2-year program
  • Provides academic, research, and applied/professional skills in ambitious academic medical research working environment
  • 100% English taught
  • Awarded 'Top Rated Programme' label (Higher Education Guide 2017)


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In the Master's programme in HMS, you choose one of two specializations: Rehabilitation or Healthy Ageing. In the first year you follow course units in your chosen specialization or combine them. Within Healthy Ageing you explore how physical activity and innovative solutions can prevent chronic disease and preserve cognitive function. In Rehabilitation you improve your understanding of impaired movement and the restoration of function in rehabilitation practices.
The specialization further involves writing a review article on a topic that applies to your chosen specialization. By conducting literature research and writing this article you acquire and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific field in HMS. Alongside the specialization, the first year includes two compulsory course units (Advanced Statistics and Philosophy of Science and Ethics) and a profiling part. In this part you can select course units that are offered by the department of Human Movement Sciences. Alternatively, you can select external course units or carry out an academic assignment, which could involve gaining teaching or applied research experience, doing consultancy work or writing a scientific article for publication. During your studies you are expected to work intensively with students and lecturers in various different ways.
The main focus of the second year of the Master's programme is the master graduation project. You can do this internally, externally or abroad. In your research project you demonstrate that you are able to conduct scientific research in a specific field and that you are able to present your findings in a scientific article.

1e jaar
  • Specialization course units to gain a better understanding of one's chosen specialization, i.e., Motor Function and Cognition in Healthy Ageing or Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery
  • Ample possibilities of choosing courses to develop a personal profile
  • Philosophy of Science and Ethics
  • Deepening one's methodological and statistical knowledge
Master monitor
5 EC
Rehabilitation & Functional Recovery: Practice & patient-oriented research keuzevak
5 EC
Mechanisms of motor function and cognition in ageing keuzevak
5 EC
Academic Assignment(s) keuzevak
Development, perception and action in sports and exercise keuzevak
5 EC
Neuromechanics keuzevak
5 EC
Motor Control keuzevak
5 EC
Disorders in motor control and current theories about rehabilitation processes keuzevak
5 EC
Talent and performance optimization in sports keuzevak
5 EC
Interventions targeting motor function and cognition in ageing keuzevak
5 EC
Advanced Statistics
5 EC
Physiology of Training and Exercise keuzevak
5 EC
Clinical Mobility Lab keuzevak
5 EC
Literature study / Review article
10 EC
Introduction to Dynamical Systems keuzevak
5 EC
Perception and Action keuzevak
5 EC
Sport and Talent keuzevak
5 EC
Signal Acquisition and Analysis keuzevak
5 EC
Philosophy of Science and Ethics
5 EC
Big data in Sport Sciences & Human Movement Sciences keuzevak
5 EC
2e jaar
  • Master's Graduation Project
  • Possibilities to further one's professional and personal development, e.g., by following additional course units, develop and execute an academic assignment, for example in a professional or an educational context.
Master Graduation Project afstuderen
40 EC


specialisatie Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery

To further ones understanding and knowledge of impaired movement and the mechanisms of restoration of mobility and functioning in rehabilitation practice.

  • Gait & balance
  • Cyclic upper body exercise
  • Handicap, exercise & sport
  • Manual dexterity and upper extremity functioning
  • Diagnostic tools & assistive technology

specialisatie Motor Function and Cognition in Healthy Ageing

One explores how physical activity can prevent chronic diseases, slow ageing, preserve cognitive function, and how solutions can promote mobility and independence in old age.

  • Biomechanical and neural mechanisms of how the motor system ages
  • Intervention strategies to slow motor and cognitive aging
  • Behavioral theories as applied to physical activity promotion
  • Gaming as a strategy to reduce falls
  • Mobility retention in old age through improved perception-action


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet40% zelfstudie
40% theorie
20% praktijk
colloquium, computer exercise, group discussion, group assignment, lecture, individual assignment, literature study, oral presentation, research, research project, research proposal, poster presentation, practicum, internship, tutorial, working group, self study
study guidance
For information about study planning, supervision and support, skills training and individual study advice and schemes, students can consult the study advisor.
Open consultation hours: Thursday 10.30-12 A.M.
Appointment via:
Phone: (050) 36 16061
exchange programs
  • McMaster University - Canada
  • University of Coimbra - Portugal
  • University of Leuven - Belgie
  • Semmelweis University - Hongarije

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2022

aanmelding deadline : 1 juli 2022
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WO-background in a relevant field
The admission board decides whether or not a premaster program is required before the start of the master. You can apply for the master by sending an e-mail with one attachment including the following documents to the secretary of the admission board (

  • Application form
  • Copy of bachelor degree
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic transcripts
  • Written report

HBO-background in a relevant field
Read the HBO-premaster information document (only available for Dutch speaking students, since the premaster is in Dutch)



  • Bachelor degree in Human Movement Sciences (RUG/VU) – direct admission
  • WO bachelor degree in a related field (see registration procedure)
  • HBO-bachelor degree in a related field (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport studies, human movement technology, MIRT, etc.) (see registration procedure)

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Studiosi Mobilae
Studiosi Mobilae is the study association for (former) students of Human Movement Sciences in Groningen.
The association organizes a variety of interesting activities such as excursions to both domestic and foreign companies and a symposium.

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Mike van Diest
Exergame for seniors trains balance

PhD student Mike van Diest (SPRINT/UMCG research centre/INCAS³) has developed a game to help seniors improve their balance at home. Improved balance can prevent falls. While playing the game, seniors make skating movements in front of their TV. A camera registers these movements and shows them in a virtual cross-country skating trip on the TV screen. The game trains both stamina and coordination.After practising for half an hour three times a week over six weeks, the balance of some seniors had indeed improved. The seniors who participated were very enthusiastic...
The game is now being further developed and may be brought to market.

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Na de studie

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In a survey we held under graduates we see that 69% had applied for a job, and found one. 16% has chosen to do another master, 13% started with another programme and 3% made some other choise.

Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

After graduation, you can continue your academic career in a PhD trajectory or perform research at health care research institutes. In addition, you can consult at rehabilitation centres, hospitals and specialized care facilities. It is also possible to evaluate and develop ergonomic or orthopaedic products or to develop health and welfare policies for government agencies. With a teacher's certificate you can work as a lecturer in education.

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Evaluate and develop ergonomic or orthopedic products in/or outside industry

policy officer
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General Secretariat

Information about staff, research and general questions

T: +31(0)50-3616015
Master's Degree Programme Education Desk

information about the master Human Movement Sciences/Sport Sciences

T: +31(0)50-3616050
Academic Advisor Human Movement Sciences

Information about study program, admission procedure etc.

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