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Crisis is something we have all had experience with during the last months - or shall we rather say crises?

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During this Winter School on Sustainable Cultural Leadership in times of crisis, we investigate how we can deal with crisis and uncertainty in a creative manner. Although the interruptions and restrictions that may accompany them have a negative connotation and impact, they also offer opportunities for innovation, development and new beginnings. What are challenges that cultural sectors and cultural industries across the globe face today? What are the opportunities that arose, what can we learn from each other? How can creativity be utilized in theory & practice as an instrument to overcome crises? How did the crisis change us and the way we approach things?

This captures the essence of ‘Crisis and Creativity’, an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural winter school. We are keen and inspired to provide a platform to discuss shocks, change, transition and opportunity while offering interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration and expertise stemming from different cultural fields in relation to crisis.

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This event will bring new perspectives and opinions on the crisis and creativity as related entities as well as part of the environment we have to navigate in during both our professional and personal life. By sharing our experiences we hope to explore the topics through a positive lens and see the impact of the crisis as offering more opportunities rather than obstacles.


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The online event consists of five days during which online workshops, panels, performances and keynote lectures will be held. Among other contributions, students of the Research Master Cultural Leadership will present their research which they conducted in cultural institutions across Europe during the Covid-19 crisis. Together with professionals from these institutions we will discuss the challenges, questions concerning their existence and the development of strategies for the future.

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