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!Deze opleiding is een specialisatie van meerdere masters. Afhandelijk van je achtergrond en de interesses kies je de richting waarin je afstudeert. Afhankelijk van die keuze haal je één van onderstaande diploma's:
  • Mathematics
  • Computing Science
  • In this Master's specialisation, the focus is on learning to assess the security of existing ICT solutions, and on how to develop more secure solutions for the future.


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    Over the last decade, Radboud University has made a name for itself in this field both in and outside the country. The Digital Security Group revealed security flaws in the chip-card used for public transport smart cards like the London Oyster and the Dutch OV-chipkaart. Researchers of our group also found security vulnerabilities in commonly used car immobiliser systems.

    Currently, we're leading the development of the IRMA card, an ID card that will give users the freedom to only reveal those personal attributes that are needed for a certain purchase, and so better protect their personal data against misuse. Also, our experts are involved in the development of the Networking and Cryptography library (NaCl), a new easy-to-use, high-speed and high-security software library for network communication, encryption, decryption, digital signatures, etc.

    The Master's specialisation in Cyber Security will teach you how to contribute in the design of new security systems. You'll be able to draw up the security requirements of an application and discover where possible weaknesses lie. Main focus lies on topics as cryptographic codes, operating systems and protocol verification. But you'll also get a broad scope of cyber security to include mathematical, organisational, legal and ethical aspects, with particular attention for privacy issues.

    Waarom aan de Radboud Universiteit?

    In the Netherlands, Radboud University's research in Data Security is unique in its broad range. It ranges from legal and privacy aspects, security analyses of existing systems, the design and realisation of new systems, applied cryptography, down to hardware aspects of smartcards and RFID chips. Internationally, we're leading in research on smartcards and privacy-friendly identity management.
    • This specialisation is offered in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology, meaning you get taught by many of the best cyber security experts in the country.
    • The focus of this specialisation lies in the technical core areas of cyber security like software security, hardware security, network security, and cryptography. Additionally, it includes courses on privacy and legal and organisational aspects of information security.
    • Education is closely connected to research at the Privacy & Identity Lab where the fundamental dimensions of privacy and identity from a legal, technical and social perspective are researched.
    • The job opportunities are excellent: some of our students get offered jobs before they have even graduated and almost all of our graduates have positions within six months after graduating.
    • This Master's specialisation is a successor to the earlier Kerckhoffs Master (a collaboration that also included the University of Twente). About two-thirds of the current curriculum consists of courses that made the Kerckhoffs Master's so successful in the field of computer security.


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    You can choose to perform your elective courses or internship(s) abroad. There are for example close contacts with the Max Planck Institute in Germany. For other possibilities, you can always contact a lecturer or the student advisor.

    Toelating en kosten


    1 september 2021

    aanmelding deadline : 1 september 2021
    wettelijk tarief : € 2168 (€1084 in het eerste jaar)
    instellingstarief : € 16500
    niet-EU/EER studenten : € 16500

    1 september 2022

    aanmelding deadline : 1 september 2022
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    Students with a Dutch university Bachelor's degree: before 1 September (for the September intake).
    In most cases, if you require an admission statement, please request this from the Admission Office no later than 1 July (for the September intake).

    Dutch students can apply via After admittance to the Master's programme in Computing Science, you can enrol for the specialisation of your choice.

    A completed Bachelor's degree in Computing Science or related area

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    1/11 Radboud Universiteit
    Cyber Security
    € 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    3 eerstejaars
    33% vrouw
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    2/11 Radboud Universiteit
    € 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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    3/11 Radboud Universiteit
    Mathematical Foundations of Computing Science
    € 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    3 eerstejaars
    33% vrouw
    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    4/11 Universiteit Leiden
    Mathematics and Science Communication and Society
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    20 eerstejaars
    15% vrouw
    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    5/11 Universiteit Leiden
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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    100% Engelstalig
    6/11 Universiteit Leiden
    Applied Mathematics
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    20 eerstejaars
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    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    7/11 Universiteit Leiden
    Mathematics and Business Studies
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    20 eerstejaars
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    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    8/11 Universiteit Leiden
    Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    9/11 Universiteit Leiden
    Mathematics and Education (NL)
    € 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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    ? uur contacttijd/week
    50% Nederlandstalig
    50% Engelstalig
    10/11 RUG
    € 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    ? eerstejaars
    NAN% vrouw
    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
    11/11 Amsterdam UVA
    € 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
    1 eerstejaars
    100% vrouw
    ? uur contacttijd/week
    100% Engelstalig
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    In 2017 hebben meer dan 280.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

    Cyber Security aan de Radboud Universiteit is beoordeeld door 37 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.0 uit 5.

    Na de studie

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    Upon completing this Master's, you'll have an in-depth knowledge of cyber security that will include theoretical and technical aspects of the field. You'll also have a good understanding of the managerial, legal and ethical aspects that play a role.

    Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

    Cyber security experts are in high demand, so you should find no problem finding a job as consultant, manager or researcher after graduating. There are a number places you can find employment:
    • Companies that specialise in cyber security, such as security evaluation labs
    • IT security divisions of more general consultancy firms
    • Firms that produce security technologies
    • Organisations that heavily rely on ICT security, both in the private and public sector. The most common being an organisation in the financial sector.
    • Academic research (PhD)
    • Industrial research

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    Admission Office

    For general questions and questions on the admission procedure for international students

    T: +31 24 362 34 56
    Dr. Perry Groot

    Student advisor; for programme-related questions

    T: +31 24 365 20 37
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