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International one-year Full-time MBA starts January 2021

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Our full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program enables you to bolster your career by achieving carefully planned objectives. With a program encompassing academic, personal and societal progression, you will target key areas of development, making you an accomplished leader, both professionally and socially.

● Focus on personal development encouraging you to develop a strong foundation of knowledge combined with a real-world, marketable skill set.
● Become an all-round, responsible leader by exploring societal aspects that go beyond the traditional management standards.
● Jump start your career: Over 80% of our MBA graduates received employment within 3 months after graduation.

Waarom aan de TIAS?

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Today's business leaders are obliged to go that extra step. Making exceptional decisions means that you consider the bigger picture. You are engaged with the world around you. As a successful leader you have the drive and tenacity to excel professionally, intrinsically understand the environment around you and be able to trust in your personal qualities.
Our full-time International Master of Business Administration degree is distinguished by its three-tier approach. The course matches break-through academic thinking with intensive personal development, while widening your understanding of business and its societal impact. Confidently improve your career with all the world- and business-insight an MBA offers.

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:
● gain perspective on the dynamics between organizations and stakeholders
● develop personal abilities to lead others and drive organizational change
● benefit from the latest business research and strategic insights
● get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions
● excel with a Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP), geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of, so that you can establish, and work towards your ultimate career goal


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Our tiered MBA program centralizes on 3 main development areas: Academic, Personal and Societal.

Built up out of 6 stages, each with a specific focus on refining expertise and skills.
Stage 1 - Course foundation, understanding basic functional areas of business
Stage 2 - Further building of expertise, deeper understanding of business functionalities
Stage 3 - Connecting vital interdependencies between functional areas
Stage 4 - Focus on Change to prepare you for finding tomorrow's solutions
Stage 5 - Enhanced insight, elect your own business focus areas
Stage 6 - Business engagement: excursion, international study week, management project

Our Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP) is geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of. Through workshops and coaching sesions you will establish and work towards your ultimate career goal.

Aimed at developing your understanding of society, the links between business and society and the impact you as a future leader and manager can have on society through:
● fireside sessions with inspirational speakers from in and outside of the business environment
● study trip to Brussels where you will gather insight into international business, corporate social responsibility policy making, and/or international law
● develop necessary qualities to become a socially responsible business leader by mentoring teams partaking in an NGO initiative aimed at making a difference in the community

Block 1: Learning the business fundamentals
Block 2: Understanding the context of business
Block 3: Understanding internal operations
Block 4: Positioning for Long Term value creation
Block 5: Generating Impact for the Business
Block 6: Finetuning for the Labor market
Managerial Accounting and Control
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Corporate Strategy
Introduction to Dutch Language
Innovation Management
Change Management
Study Trip to European partner school
Leading Business through Global Change
Finance: Investment Decisions
Financial Accounting
Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis
Business, Government and Society
Business Research Methods
Finance: Capital markets
Brussels Study Trip
Managing Sustainable Business Models
Academic Reading and Writing
Team Business Project
Internship keuzevak
Start-up Project keuzevak
3 MBA Summer Courses keuzevak


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Toelating en kosten


A solid GMAT (average is 620; our school code is 23X-LT-99)

A high GMAT score does not guarantee admission, just as a low score doesn't preclude admission. We accept students with lower GMAT scores if we believe this can be offset by stronger areas in one's profile. Since we are such a very diverse school, we are keen to see whether you have worked, lived, studied abroad, or worked for an international company. So while a solid GMAT score is important, it is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Strong command of written and spoken English (TOEFL of 90 or IELTS of 6.5 is required)

Bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution

Minimum of 3 years relevant full-time work experience (average is 7 years)

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Yayoi Ishida
afgestudeerd in 2010Prior to TiasNimbas, I was a Tax Consultant at KPMG. I wanted to switch directions in my career and felt that an MBA was necessary to make myself marketable in a field outside of tax.

And as was my experience at Columbia, the small student-body size creates an approachable environment, where you find yourself amongst remarkable, talented individuals from all over the world who constantly challenge and expand your perspective.

Yayoi Ishida
International Full-Time MBA 2009-2010

Previous degrees: MA in Sociology, Columbia University, New York; BA in International Relations, Boston University, Boston

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De Nationale Studenten Enquete is het grootschalige onderzoek van de overheid onder studenten in Nederland naar de kwaliteit van opleidingen aan hogescholen en universiteiten.
In 2015 hebben meer dan 280.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

Full-time MBA aan de TIAS School for Business and Society is beoordeeld door 11 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 3.6 uit 5.


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Humphrey Sopakuwa

Program Adviser

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