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In the Master's program in Health Sciences, you will learn to analyze the various factors that contribute to health and diseases. You will look at health problems at micro-, meso- and macro-level.

Since 1900, life expectancy has increased by 30 years. Only 5 of those years can be attributed to curative medicine; the remaining 25 years are due to public health and prevention measures. On the Master's program in Health Sciences, you will learn to analyst the various complex factors that contribute to health and disease.

Health scientists go beyond individual health and look at health problems at population level. Obesity can be solved by developing an anti-fat pill or by stomach reduction, but health scientists look at other possibilities such as increasing taxes on fatty foods, reducing the amount of sweets and soft drinks children can buy at school, designing residential areas so that there are places for children to play and educating people about healthy eating and exercise.

Since health problems are complex, the solutions have to be implemented on different levels by a variety of professionals. As a health scientist, you will develop competences that enable you to cooperate with patient populations, health care professionals, policy makers and the greater public.
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diplomaMSc Health Sciences
typeregulier, 60 EC
start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur12 maanden voltijd
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This course provides a self-contained set of lectures to bring PhD students and practitioners up to speed in the area of empirical research using firm-level data. Besides theory, the course will include a set of lectures on data handling, programming, and algorithms for empirical applications.
Introduction in Genome-Wide Data Analysis - Tinbergen Summer School Amsterdam
Tinbergen Institute organizes an interdisciplinary summer school in the new field of genoeconomics. The goal is to introduce researchers from various fields to key concepts, state-of-the-art methods, and computer tools in statistical genetics that can be applied in the social and medical sciences.
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Detailed info on courses:
5 full time courses of one motnh
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specialisatie Policy and Organisation of Health Care

Program focuses on health technology assessment/health economics. You will study efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care to tackle the problem of increasing costs, waiting lists, staff shortages

In the health care sector there are major problems for politicians, management, staff and – above all – patients. You will study how to spend time and money in ways that will improve healthcare quality, long-term care, equity, efficiency, staff shortages and extreme work pressure in the healthcare sector.

Purchase care, incentives, competition and health care quality, long-term care, equity, efficiency staff shortages and extreme work pressure in the healthcare sector; increasing scope and complexity of healthcare.

Objective You will learn how to bring these problems into focus and help create solutions.

specialisatie Prevention and Public Health

In this program you will gain a overview of the theory, research and practice in the field of prevention and public health. The focus is on communication, lifestyle & environmental interventions.

The focus of this program is on Human behavior/ Life Style and the living and working environment. The ultimate
goal is to improve peoples' health status and quality of life by health
promotion interventions.

Issues: Prevention is better than cure, but how exactly do you go about preventing a disease?

Objective Developing interventions for a healthier lifestyle.

specialisatie Nutrition and Health

This specialization focuses on the role of diet in healthy food, on nutritional problems in the clinical setting, and problems in developing & developed countries.

This specialization focuses on the role of diet in health and in disease. You may concentrate on promoting good health through primary and secondary prevention of nutrition-related illness in the population, on nutritional problems in the clinical setting, on nutrition and infectious diseases, and/or on nutritional problems in developing and developed countries.

Focus of the program is on Prevention and treatment of disease through diet.
Issues: 21st-century complexities in demographic patterns, disease burden, climate change and economic development in all societies, rich and poor; increasingly complex health problems

  1. nutritional intervention for improving lifestyle
  2. optimizing nutritional status in specific population groups, i.e. children, elderly, non-western immigrants
  3. nutritional components for the prevention of chronic disease
  4. optimizing nutritional treatment in a clinical setting.

specialisatie International Public Health

You develop knowledge/skills to cooperate and communicate with professionals from various disciplines as well as related stake holders(patient organizations), focusing on solutions of health problems.

Broad perspective on the diverse aspects of international public health.
Issues 21st-century complexities in demographic patterns, disease burden, climate change and economic development in all societies, rich and poor; increasingly complex health problems

The objective is to develop a more integrated approach to complex problems through a strong interdisciplinary focus on developments in intervention strategies to address health needs worldwide.
Internship opportunities e.g. universities, research institutes, NGOs, ministries in countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and the Netherlands; international organizations (e.g. WHO), national organizations such as NIVEL.

specialisatie Infectious Diseases and Public Health

This specialization offers a broad overview of the biology of pathogens and the host- pathogen interaction. You will focus on the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases in Nl and abroad.

The different courses will cover all aspects of medical important parasites: life cycles, virulence factors, (immunological) interaction between
parasites and their host(s), diagnosis, epidemiology, control and
elimination and geographic distribution models (GIS).

More over it covers developments in intervention strategies used to
address health needs in an international
context. Containment strategies of infectious diseases, in particular
vaccination programmes and health communication, provide specific areas
of attention. The student learns how to analyze bottlenecks and opportunities of the different implementation strategies, how to interpret the results and to evaluate the implementation of programmes.


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet40% zelfstudie
30% theorie
30% praktijk
Detailed info on courses:

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1 september 2017
aanmelding deadline : 1 juni 2017
wettelijk tarief : € 2006
1 september 2018
aanmelding deadline : 1 juni 2018
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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences
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