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Tilburg University

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The research master focusses on epistemology, philosophy of science and logic. Another strong focus is practical philosophy, in particular ethics and social, political and legal philosophy.

The Research Master's programme in Philosophy is a two-year programme that covers a wide range of subjects in philosophy.
Our overall aim is to provide you with the skills and insight needed to do independent intellectual work in philosophy at a postgraduate level. Some of our students want to acquire these skills and insights as preparation for a PhD track, some plan to use them in another area of intellectual enterprise, and some are just curious and want to know what postgraduate studies in philosophy are like. But all are invited to participate in a lively research environment in which students are encouraged to interact with some of the best minds in the field.

Tilburg's Research Master's programme in Philosophy is a joint venture with the Faculty of Philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen. Together, we offer the widest selection of philosophy specialisations in Europe. You can choose between expert supervision in continental, analytical and historical approaches to philosophy in a wide range of research areas.
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diplomaMA Filosofie ( research )
typeonderzoek, 120 EC
start1 augustus, 1 januari
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur2 jaar voltijd
heeft geen numerus fixus
geen honoursprogramma

Waarom aan de Tilburg University?

- hands-on training in philosophy through participation in research seminars in a variety of fields, including Philosophy of Science, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Culture, and Social Philosophy.
You will get a chance to discuss your ideas with leading philosophers from all over the world.
You will be assigned a personal tutor, who will give you active support.


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  1. Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  2. Logic, Language, Rationality and Information
  3. Philosophy of Mind
  4. Legislation and Identity
  5. Morality and Ethical Life
  6. Economy and Ethics
  7. Culture, Identity and Representation


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet40% zelfstudie
60% theorie
lecture, self study, literature study, seminar, research, research project, research proposal, individual assignment

Toelating en studiekosten

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1 augustus 2018
aanmelding deadline : 1 juli 2018
wettelijk tarief : € 2060
1 augustus 2019
aanmelding deadline : 1 juli 2019
collegegeld nog niet bekend
1 januari 2018
aanmelding deadline : 1 december 2017
wettelijk tarief : € 2060
1 januari 2019
aanmelding deadline : 1 december 2018
collegegeld nog niet bekend
studie kosten
bron: Tilburg University
bedrag kostenpost
€ 8400levensonderhoudper jaar
€ 900studiematerialenper jaar
€ 300visa/permitvoor de gehele opleiding
inbegrepen in collegegeld
registration fee

estimated monthly costs

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253kamerhuur in Tilburgonder landelijk gemiddelde
158collegegeldop basis van € 1906 per jaar
80studieboeken en -spullen
77uiterlijkkleding, kapper, schoenen
132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1121totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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? eerstejaars gestart in 2012
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13038 studenten aan de Tilburg University
48% daarvan is vrouw
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aan het woord: studenten en docenten

Interview with Nizigiyimana Desire Louis (Burundi)
Interview with Nizigiyimana Desire Louis (Burundi)

The Research Master Philosophy program has got students from almost all the continents and is run by experienced professors from an international set up

Any person would like to see his/her dreams become reality or, at least, increase the potential of actualizing most of his/her good desires...
In my search for the University where I could continue my studies, three elements were considered. The first was to find a program of study which is able to provide me with strong research skills and experience so that I can continue my research afterwards. The second element was to find an institution of higher education with a clear international research orientation and environment. The third element was to find an institution which has a system of support to researchers and students by providing supervisors and good study program with different areas of specialization. I finally found that Tilburg University was my best option.
After 5 months of study experience, I can assert that the characteristics I was looking for are, indeed, substantiated in the study programs and academic environment at this University. The Research Master Philosophy program has got students from almost all the continents and is run by experienced professors from an international set up. The program is flexible to allow students to focus on their areas of specialization; and it is also a joint program with the University of Nijmegen, and this just supplements the already splendid study environment. From this promising impression, I strongly hope that this study program will help me expand my capabilities by providing me with strong research skills and experience which will allow me to push further my philosophical research to global governance.

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Joost Mulder
afgestudeerd in 2010 werkzaam als Corporate Management Trainee bij Rabobank
Interview with a Research Master Philosophy Alumnus

I first got acquainted with philosophy during secondary school. These classes made me so enthusiastic that I decided to start studying philosophy at Tilburg University.

During the bachelor program I learned that analytic philosophy in general, and philosophy of science and epistemology in particular, were among the courses that I liked most. Besides, I was very much interested in doing research and writing papers. Given these interests, it was a straightforward choice to apply for the research masters program Philosophy at Tilburg University...
A couple of years ago, professor Stephan Hartmann moved from the world renowned London School of Economics to Tilburg University to start-up, and give guidance to, a newly found research group, the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science. TiLPS aims at being a leading center for research in philosophy of science and epistemology, focusing particularly on the formal aspects of these disciplines. Since nowadays discussions on these issues are trending, and because resident fellows have a wide ranging network around the globe, TiLPS is able to organize conferences and work-shops that are regularly visited by leading philosophers. This international atmosphere was one of the primary reasons that made Tilburg such an interesting place to be.
Another interesting aspect of being an Mphil student at Tilburg University was the fact that you are given ample opportunity to develop the skills needed to pursue an academic career. This includes formal training in academic writing and speaking. Besides, as an mphil student, you enjoy the privilege of sitting-in at regular research seminars; an opportunity where you can learn the craft of doing philosophy by peering over the shoulders of professionals.
The research master Philosophy at Tilburg University is a joint-program organized together with the Radboud University of Nijmegen. This cooperation created an interesting spin-off since both faculties combine their expertise. As a result, lectures are being taught about different and often diverging schools, thoughts and ideas (the tension between continental and analytic philosophy looms large here). Such a wide ranging approach prevents that you become too narrow minded, focusing only on one discipline (in my case philosophy of science); being informed about diverging disciplines makes it more easy to think 'out of the box' – a skill that is necessary for being a creative philosopher.
The things I learned being an Mphil student, and the people I met, also helped me to study abroad for 7 months; during the second year I was a visiting student at Columbia University in the City of New York. While being at Columbia, I took a couple of courses, and together with professor Philip Kitcher worked on a PhD research proposal. This allowed me to experience how analytic philosophy is being done in the United States. Needless to say, spending seven months in New York was a life changing experience, both on a professional and a personal level.
As a research master student I gained the analytical skills necessary for doing proper philosophy. Besides this, it gave me access to a network of people that in one way or another helped me move forward. These things proved to be valuable for me, even if it wasn't in an academic setting. For learning to think properly is a skill useful at all times, for every task at hand.

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1/13 Tilburg University
Research Master in Philosophy
€ 253 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
2/13 Erasmus
Philosophy - Philosophy and Economics
star Keuzegids topopleiding 2016
Keuzegids topopleiding 2017
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
3/13 Rijksuniversiteit
star NVAO
€ 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
4/13 Radboud Universiteit
Social and Political Philosophy
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
5/13 Radboud Universiteit
Metaphysics and Epistemology
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
6/13 Radboud Universiteit
Philosophy of Language and Logic
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
7/13 Radboud Universiteit
History of Philosophy
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
8/13 Radboud Universiteit
Philosophical Ethics
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
9/13 Radboud Universiteit
Philosophical Anthropology
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
10/13 Radboud Universiteit
Philosophy of Mind
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
11/13 Radboud Universiteit
Wijsbegeerte (research master)
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
12/13 Utrecht
star NVAO
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
13/13 UvA
Philosophy (research MA)
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
?% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
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