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The programme will be tackling issues such as: Human Rights, Governance and Development Policy, Poverty, Food politics, Migration, Refugee, Agrarian and Environmental studies, gender equality & rights

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The Master is designed for those wishing to start or continue their professional careers in the area of development. In the MA programme you learn about the most recent theories and debates and you learn to apply this knowledge to practical issues of development and social change. The programme will be tackling issues such as: Human Rights, Governance and Development Policy, Poverty, Food politics, Migration and diversity, Refugee, Agrarian and Environmental studies, gender equality & rights, Economics of Development, Social Policy for Development, Women and Gender Studies, Environment and Sustainable Development, Econometric Analysis of Development Policies, Conflict and Peace Studies, Local Development Strategies, the global economy and public policy and management
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Waarom aan de Erasmus?

The International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague is an international postgraduate school and one of the oldest and largest centres for the comparative study of social, political and economic development. The staff is drawn from around thirty countries from all over the world and ISS students come from government, NGOs, universities and private companies.


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major Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding and confronting the impacts of global capitalist development on agrarian structures and environmental systems.

Can we feed the world and achieve economic development while conserving ecosystems and improving the livelihoods of peasants and the rural poor? How do we understand and tackle the interlinked agrarian and environmental crises? What types of policies create sustainable development that guarantees justice, equality and autonomy for poor and marginalized communities? The AFES Major focuses on the social, political and economic dynamics of rural and agrarian change and environmental degradation.

major Economics of Development

Learn to tackle many of the key issues countries face in respect of economic development and economic policy.

Many developing countries suffer from slow economic growth, unequal distribution of income and ineffective government services. This major brings out the fundamental linkages between economic growth and human development.

major Governance and Development Policy

Get insights on how to understand and influence governance processes at local and national levels.

Globalization, decentralization and new forms of public-private sector cooperation have changed the ways in which people, organisations and territories are governed. This major addresses the processes and problems of governance, policy and local economic development, and how these work out in the everyday realities of people, with a bias towards the poor and vulnerable.

major Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives

Reflect on issues relating to gender, human rights, conflict and social mobilization.

When power starts to shift dramatically, advancing social justice can prove a contradictory process. Justice, peace and equal rights may be promised, whilst simultaneously injustices, violence and exclusions continue to shape people's daily lives. This Major examines the processes through which diverse inequalities, exclusions and asymmetries persist and are reproduced in societies.

major Social Policy for Development

Are you concerned about poverty, inequality or social exclusion?

Analyze problems of social reproduction and social provisioning within a context of development and associated social and structural transformations. Learn how social policy can be used as a force for progressive transformation and for sustainable, equitable, gender-aware and socially-just development.

track Migration and Diversity track

Are you a strong advocate of ensuring migrants are treated fairly?

Equip yourself for working on current challenges around migration issues and how to manage them. Develop professional skills for analysing and responding to situations, going beyond the myths and over-generalizations that are commonplace in daily discussion.


taal van onderwijs100% en
case study, excursion, individual assignment, oral presentation, project, working group, workshop, self study
The Master of Arts in Development Studies offers a solid academic and professionally relevant training in theory and methods for development studies. It is designed for those wishing to start or continue their professional careers in the area of development. In the MA programme you learn about the most recent theories and debates. You will also learn to apply this knowledge to practical issues of development and social change.
study load
If you live in the Netherlands and are unable to spend 15.5 months on full-time intensive study, ISS offers you the opportunity to take the MA in Development Studies as a tailor-made part-time programme lasting 2.5 years.

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2019

kosten : € 17500
aanmelding deadline : 1 juli 2019

You can apply to the MA in Development Studies programme by using the online application system.

erkende certificaten
Applicants who are not native English speakers are required to demonstrate their proficiency. Thus on application for admittance to an ISS programme, students must provide a certificate from TOEFL (PBT-580, CBT-237, iBT 92) or IELTS academic test 6.5. ISS does not require a language certificate from native English speakers from the following countries: Australia, Botswana, Canada, Cameroon (English-speaking region), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda (English-speaking region), South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Statement of Proficiency in English (if applicable).

Bachelors degree in one of the social sciences or equivalent, comprising at least three years studies at a recognized university or institute of higher education. Applicants must have obtained at least class 2.2 (Lower Second), B or equivalent, but preferably class 2.1 (Upper Second), B+ or equivalent. Applicants from India with a BA degree from a four or five star university, as determined by the NAAC are admissible. Other Indian applicants, as well as applicants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan are required to have an MA degree.

Professional experience relevant to the Major which the applicant wishes to study is normally expected and is a preference for admission.

reference letter
Three reference forms and/or reference letters.

Motivation Statement.

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