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1 year full-time program

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typeregulier, post-initieel, 91 EC
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur12 maanden voltijd
accreditatiesAMBA, EQUIS
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Nyenrode's full-time MBA program is a 1-year journey designed around integrated business practices, in-company projects, a leadership development path and European Immersion Modules.

  • An MBA at the core of European Business: based in Amsterdam, the program provides participants with opportunities to connect with business leaders from top companies operating in Europe. Activities such as Meet the CEO sessions and the European Immersion Modules bring students closer to executives and HR departments across different segments.
  • A strong diverse community: your personal growth will be strengthened by joining a strong diverse community. Our MBA enjoys an outstanding record of gender parity and diverse cultural background year after year.
  • Unique study facilities in the heart of Amsterdam: our program is based in the vibrant historical heart of Amsterdam at de Vijf Keizers, a building complex on the Keizersgracht. In addition, you will take part in sessions & activities at Nyenrode's iconic campus in Breukelen

Waarom aan de Nyenrode?

During the Full-time MBA program you will live a journey of development, both from a personal and an academic perspectives. This journey conveys Nyenrode values of Leadership, Stewardship and Entrepreneurship. Throughout our one year program, you will be triggered to understand the importance of building strong relationships, stimulating entrepreneurship, and taking into account the values, beliefs and needs of all related parties in society.


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  • Fundamentals of Business & Management
  • Organizational Dynamics & Talent Management (European Immersion Module: Copenhagen)
  • Value Chain Optimization & Operational Excellence (European Immersion Module: Zurich)
  • Strategic Finance (European Immersion Module: Barcelona)
  • Digitalization, Information, Innovation & Meet the CEO sessions (European Immersion Module: London)
  • Strategy, Markets, Globalization and Competitiveness (European Immersion Module: Brussels)
Foundation topics:
Strategic Leadership
Marketing Strategy
Accounting for Managers
Foundations of Finance
Business Process Management

Integrated topics:
Corporate Finance
Microeconomics of Competitiveness
International Financial Markets
Leadership Development

Focus courses
Finance & Banking
International Marketing
Final Graduation Project
Focused courses
Foundation topics
Integrated topics
International modules
Program Dates
Program Wrap-up


taal van onderwijs100% en
case study, literature study, excursion, group discussion, individual assignment, project

Toelating en kosten


11 september 2019

aanmelding deadline : 31 juli 2019
collegegeld nog niet bekend


An up-to-date curriculum vitae outlining at least 3 years of professional work experience

The GMAT, GRE or the Nyenrode Admissions Test indicating a strong result

Nyenrode is built on remarkable people. Nyenrodians are bright, social and eager to perform. The typical MBA student possesses the following:

  • alertness and confidence to seize opportunities
  • intelligence to grasp complex concepts
  • motivation to learn in a team-oriented environment
  • skills to communicate fluently and effectively
  • integrity to maintain high ethical standards in business
  • openness to appreciate a multicultural atmosphere
  • quality of leadership that earns respect from colleagues

drive and energy to compete and succeed

You must submit the results of either the TOEFL or the IELTS. You may be exempted from this requirement if you have conducted your university studies in English.

Experience Required: 3 - 10 years

You are required to provide Nyenrode with a cover letter in a separate sheet to showcase your interest and motivation for the MBA program. Please reflect on your current personal and professional development journey and its resonance with Nyenrode values (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Stewardship).

studie kosten
bron: Nyenrode Business Universiteit
bedrag kostenpost
€ 2500per jaar
€ 125inschrijvingsgeldper jaar
€ 800
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De stad

aan het woord: studenten en docenten

Abdellatif Bouhid
Our students

And it superbly delivered on both accounts. I think all graduates of Nyenrode realize that the combination of that special Dutch environment and business education leads to better business decisions benefiting all stakeholders.

How did the MBA program impact you personally and professionally?
Everything is now possible. It is a belief that comes only from the confidence gained from the program. The future is beautiful, no longer intimidating and full of promises for myself and all around me.

Would you recommend this program to others?
Definitely and for the rest of my life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I think that in the next 5 years, I would have launched at least three successful and sustainable business ventures, one of them hopefully a cooperative.

Please describe the program using a few keywords.
Compact and powerful, demanding, exhilarating, life changing.

Please describe who a typical Nyenrodian is.
Capable of recreating civilization if thrown alone on an island but prefers company and team accomplishments; mindful of his or her actions impact on others and the environment; action focused but long term oriented; philanthropist at heart; hits the ground running when taking up a new task, project or responsibilities.

Which international modules did you participate in and what was your experience with them?
All three of them. EU: opened my eyes to the world of lobbyists and their workings within international institutions; China: the long march continues but now every Chinese citizen is taking part in it and at a much faster speed towards modernization and the taking up of a new role and position in the world's economy and politics; US: confirmed to me that Nyenrode is at par with if not above best business teaching in the world

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Rosane Gama Sa
Our students

Rosane Gama Sa, alumna, IMBA 2010-2011

“Nyenrode is an experience in all senses: personally and professionally which you will only understand if you live it too.”
Nationality: Brazilian

Why did you choose to pursue an International MBA?
I choose to pursue an International MBA as after a number of years of work experience both in Brazil and abroad, I felt the need to go back to 'school' to recycle and develop further the knowledge gained throughout years of study and practice...
First of all, the content of the program itself was very appealing to me, offering among others, the possibility to have three study exchanges abroad (Belgium, China/India and the US) and the choice to 'specialize in entrepreneurship', which was a key point for my decision. Second, the number of students per class (usually below 40) gave me the feeling that Nyenrode would offer a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. Finally, I talked to an alumna who inspired me the most, contributing to my final decision.

How did the MBA program impact you personally and professionally?
Personally, the daily contact with friends/colleagues from 19 nationalities was a constant training to adapt, listen and think differently, under other perspectives. Additionally, I realized I can do way more than I thought, accomplish lots of deadlines and most importantly: handle high stress situations in an effective way. Professionally, I have gained business knowledge that contributed to develop skills that prepared me to take over leadership positions.

Would you recommend this program to others?
For sure! Nyenrode is an experience in all senses: personally and professionally which you will only understand if you live it too. I would particularly recommend this program for those with over two years of work experience and with an ambition to grow and develop further into management areas.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In the next five years, I see myself as the owner of my own business. An idea that I have been cultivating long before choosing for the MBA.

Please describe the program using a few keywords.
Challenging, fun, inspiring

Please describe who a typical Nyenrodian is.
Ambitious, happy, leader, talented and persistent.

Which international modules did you participate in and what was your experience with them?
I participated in three international modules: Belgium, where we had a better understanding of how the EU works, its legislations and structure (very important for students like myself who come from outside the EU); China, where apart from very interesting lectures on the Chinese economy and society, we had the opportunity to experience the country by ourselves, which I consider to be unforgettable; finally the USA, where we had top level lectures on product management, marketing and advertising.

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Harvey Wells
Our students

Harvey Wells, alumnus, IMBA 2008-2009

“Professionally the MBA gave me the confidence to set up my own consultancy business as well as a hobby business.”

Nationality: British
Current Function: Founder
Current company: Divergent Consulting

Why did you choose to pursue an International MBA?
To consolidate and build technical skills after nearly 10 years in my career...
Personally the MBA broadened my perspective and increased my cultural awareness.

Would you recommend this program to others?
Yes, especially those looking for a personal course that doesn't miss out on international diversity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Based here in the Netherlands but working internationally on consulting assignments and trying to sate the thirst of discerning beer consumers with innovative brews.

Please describe the program using a few keywords.
International, diverse, academically solid, progressive, personal

Using 5 keywords, please describe who a typical Nyenrodian is.
Proud, personable, rigorous, hard working​

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Madeleine Wolters

Program Advisor

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