Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

M Clinical Research (research)1
M European Master in Health Economics and Management (joint degree)
M Geneeskunde487844
M Health Economics, Policy and Law63117
M Health Sciences (research)220
M Infection and Immunity (research)1615
M Molecular Medicine (research)820
M Neuroscience (research)89
M Zorgmanagement65217

Universiteit Leiden

M Biomedical Sciences68142
M Geneeskunde333694
M Vitality and Ageing

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

M Bewegingswetenschappen
M Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (research)915
M Geneeskunde5321059
M Human Movement Sciences3678
M Sport Sciences4638
M Tandheelkunde
M Tandheelkunde5991

Radboud Universiteit

M Biomedical Sciences92153
M Geneeskunde367755
M Tandheelkunde
M Tandheelkunde77159

Maastricht University

M Arts - Klinisch Onderzoeker67129
M Bewegingswetenschappen3539
M Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (research)63127
M Epidemiology715
M Geneeskunde337657
M Global Health34102
M Governance and Leadership in European Public Health626
M Health Education and Promotion666
M Health Food Innovation Management2061
M Health Sciences (research)819
M Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management3868
M Mental Health26102
M Nutrition and Metabolism: fundamental and clinical aspects (research)
M Physical Activity and Health
M Public Health
M Sports and Physical Activity Interventions11
M Work, Health and Career319

Universiteit Twente

M Health Sciences1751
M Technical Medicine96153

Universiteit Utrecht

M Biomedical Sciences121258
M Diergeneeskunde133552
M Geneeskunde307750
M Geneeskunde, klinisch onderzoeker59126
M Klinische Gezondheidswetenschappen28119
M Logopediewetenschap3
M Neuroscience and Cognition3497

Universiteit van Amsterdam

M Biomedical Sciences136252
M Geneeskunde286622
M Medical Informatics2220
M Tandheelkunde
M Tandheelkunde83134

Tilburg University

M Medische Psychologie8114

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

M Biomedical Sciences4090
M Cardiovascular Research (research)426
M Geneeskunde404742
M Global Health (research)540
M Health Sciences24188
M Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health110120
M Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (research)1420
M Lifestyle and Chronic Disorders (research)
M Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences56
M Oncology2246
M Tandheelkunde
M Tandheelkunde77125