Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

M Accounting, Auditing and Control229171
M Business Administration337207
M Business Information Management16689
M Chinese Economy & Business2
M Econometrics and Management Science27190
M Economics and Business1041507
M Economics and Informatics4
M Finance & Investments334113
M Fiscale Economie5236
M Global Business & Sustainability2327
M Human Resource Management1222
M International Management7650
M Management of Innovation5832
M Marketing Management90124
M Organisational Change & Consulting2024
M Research Master in Business and Management (research)139
M Strategic Entrepreneurship6616
M Strategic Management17179
M Supply Chain Management13071
M Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics (research)32

Hanzehogeschool Groningen

M European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management62

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

M Accountancy and Controlling12248
M Business Administration286126
M Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies2713
M Economics2613
M Finance17351
M Fiscale Economie1511
M Human Resource Management3658
M International Business and Management11464
M International Economics and Business6842
M International Financial Management8833
M Marketing126124
M Research Master in Economics and Business (research)2318
M Supply Chain Management6234
M Technology and Operations Management9934

Radboud Universiteit

M Bedrijfskunde
M Business Administration171151
M Economics11352

Maastricht University

M Business Research (research)31
M Econometrics and Operations Research2614
M Economic and Financial Research (research)138
M Economic Studies
M Economics227
M Financial Economics4320
M Fiscale Economie1214
M Global Supply Chain Management and Change1620
M Human Decision Science1519
M Information and Network Economics44
M International Business558311
M Management of Learning1226

Universiteit Twente

M Business Administration212130

Universiteit Utrecht

M Economics of Competition and Regulation89
M Economics of Public Policy and Management188
M International Economics and Business10258
M Multidisciplinary Economics (research)116

Universiteit van Amsterdam

M Accountancy and Control216119
M Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance3326
M Business Administration310373
M Business Economics17990
M Business Studies
M Econometrics7443
M Economics12494
M Entrepreneurship (joint degree)4412
M Finance
M Fiscale Economie7855
M Operations Research
M Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics (research)198

Tilburg University

M Accountancy16086
M Accounting
M Econometrics and Mathematical Economics2812
M Economics8246
M Economics and Finance of Aging
M Finance27879
M Fiscale Economie10842
M International Management4539
M Marketing Analytics1322
M Marketing Management156109
M Operations Research and Management Science4012
M Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science3115
M Research Master in Business (research)2815
M Research Master in Economics (research)2315
M Strategic Management10342
M Supply Chain Management8950

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

M Accounting and Control284155
M Business Administration409291
M Econometrics and Operations Research4924
M Economics2217
M Entrepreneurship (joint degree)3217
M Finance9937
M Marketing81124
M Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics1911
M Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics (research)95